President Trump Ad, “Stand With Me’…

Posted originally on the CTH on May 21, 2023 | Sundance 

President Donald J Trump releases the latest 1-minute viral ad, highlighting trips to Fort Myers, Florida, and Manchester, New Hampshire. {Direct Rumble Link}

As the aligned political forces once again assemble to fight against the best interests of the American people, the People’s President calls for all to “stand with me” against the corrupt political establishment.  Many voices are trying to diminish the common sense, unity and pragmatic efforts of the Make America Great Again movement, but the largest coalition of the American electorate know what is possible to achieve.

The person with the greatest opportunity to defeat the schemes of the corrupt political elite, is the person you see in the mirror every day when you brush your teeth.  There are more of us, than them – united we cannot be defeated.   WATCH:

Lee County, Florida | Manchester, NH

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