Sunday Talks – Neil Oliver, The Climate Change Ideology as Pushed Doesn’t Match Reality as Evidenced

Posted originally on the CTH on May 21, 2023 | Sundance 

For his weekend monologue, British pundit Neil Oliver turns his attention back toward the climate change agenda and the subsequent fear narrative as it is being promoted.  Oliver notes we are approaching a moment when the truthfulness of the climate change debate needs a full and public confrontation.  Either there is truth, or the foundation of the claims are built upon lies.

Oliver has discussed this topic before; however, when contrast against the collapse in trust based on conduct during the pandemic, and when overlaid against the wholesale collapse in trust toward almost all government institutions, perhaps now really is the best time to confront the fraud known as “climate change.”

Does the climate change? Of course, it does. In the short term that’s known as weather and in the longer term, a term much longer than human’s ability to influence it, climate change is why glaciers melted, mountains formed and the topography for a state like Florida rose from under the Gulf of Mexico as water levels declined.  The climate change agenda really isn’t about climate change; in the final analysis, the modern climate change agenda is all about ‘control.’  WATCH:


The Climate Change agenda is the necessary entry narrative for control mechanisms like carbon trading economics and digital currencies.  At the end of the continuum, we find that control over people is the goal of the people pushing the fraudulent narrative.   The agenda is their holy grail along their road to serfdom.

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