Bill Gates Terrorizing Children?

Armstrong Economics Blog/BigTech RePosted Mar 4, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

This video of the Los Angeles School District being fully on board with total control of children is so dangerous, that it is conditioning the next generation that they must undergo Gates’ vaccines, forever wear masks, and social distance. They are being conditioned that this will be the NEW NORMAL for the rest of their lives. The statement that this COVID virus is the worst in our lifetime is absurd; it is beyond fraud.

When I was at the airport in 2019, an older man was complaining about having to take his shoes off. A young girl standing in front of me in her 20s said to her other companion, “I guess it must be the first time he is flying in his life.” Those in their 20s already think taking off your shoes is a normal thing. They have no idea what it was like pre-9/11. Gates’ Microsoft indoctrination will have our children and grandchildren forever thinking daily screenings before leaving your house, wearing masks, and socially-distancing is normal.

The mainstream media is failing to do anything to defend our freedom or our children. They are yet another group of conspirators against our basic human rights.

The COVID Fraud Will Not Stay Hidden Forever

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Mar 2, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The medical profession has really bought into COVID because of the simple fact that they got paid bonuses if the person had COVID. They were claiming that COVID was impacting minorities more, but failed to mention that if you did not have insurance and said you had COVID, the government paid 100% of all the medical expenses. They bribed medical professionals to turn COVID into a national crisis, and even with all of the hype the death toll is only 0.028%.

Now families are starting to demand investigations because their loved one was listed as dying of COVID when they were not. I have received emails from numerous people where their mother was in their 90s and dying of old age, went to the hospital for their final days, and suddenly died of COVID.

In Britain, many medical experts are now insisting that too many fatalities were being blamed on the virus. One funeral director has spoken out calling this “a national scandal,” according to the Daily Mail. In Britain, there are no reported flu cases, and in Canada reports of the flu are just a fraction of what they were.

The fraud that has been so pervasive has destroyed the world economy, set in motion food shortages, and has been exploited to end our basic human rights. They have wiped out the hospitality industry, ended the arts, and left many students so depressed and unable to learn remotely. There is a rising trend in suicides which are up by 60%. Meanwhile, we are witnessing a sharp drop in new COVID-19 cases, which is taking place in the US, Canada, as well as India. This is implying that much of the COVID issue has been manufactured by the press and corrupt individuals in the medical field.

Then we have the epitome of corruption in Dr. Anthony Fauci who will say anything to keep the COVID crisis going. He now says that because he is vaccinated, he can at last hug his daughter because she too is vaccinated. He has been unable to hug his daughter in a year, he claims. Now if you get the Gates’ vaccine, you will not have to socially distance from others who are vaccinated. This guy belongs in prison. He has lied so much and is in Schwab’s promotional videos touting the need for the Great Reset economically when he has no qualification on the subject.

We have lost so much because of this fraud and they have deeply terrorized people into wearing masks and being afraid to even socialize. The damage to society has been irreparable. People are starting to fight back

Coronavirus Update 123: COVID 19 Vaccines vs. Variants

COVID-19Get the latest information from the CDC about COVID-19.LEARN MORELearn about vaccine progress from the CDC #COVID19#SARSCoV2

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem CPAC Speech, “COVID Didn’t Shut Down The Economy, Government Shut Down The Economy”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 27, 2021 by Sundance

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem delivers a resounding MAGA speech at CPAC 2021.  Governor Noem highlights the economic value of retaining liberty amid the COVID pandemic: “COVID didn’t shut down the economy, government shut down the economy.”

During her speech Governor Noem eviscerates Dr Anthony Fauci for his fraudulent COVID predictions and politically ideological health policies. Noem also challenges the decision-making of other governors.

Beware of COVID “Vaccine,” Warns Top Doctor

Information from The New American (news)  by Alex Newman February 17, 2021

In this follow-up interview with Senior Editor Alex Newman of The New American magazine, former president of the Assocation of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Dr. Lee Merritt warned about enormous risks associated with the experimental COVID19 “vaccines” from companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, and more. From potentially being used as a bioweapon and lack of safety testing to massive side-effects that can occur and are occurring worldwide, there are huge dangers that are not being discussed by the Big Pharma-funded establishment media. Meanwhile, there are very effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine that were deliberately suppressed so the vaccine makers could get their experimental gene drug masquerading as a vaccine approved under the FDA’s “Emergency Use Authorization.”

Dr. Merritt’s credentials

Lifelong member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Past President of American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

Former Board Member of the Arizona Medical Association

Classically trained physician, got her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry

Orthopedics final surgeon for 27 years

Studied bioweapons

Did her internship at the National Naval Center in Bethesda, MD in internal medicine

Residency in Orthopedic surgery at San Diego Naval Medical Center

Spent 10 years as a military surgeon

Awarded the Louis Goldstein Fellowship in Spinal Surgery, the only woman to have ever received that

Speaker for Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Bat Soup Man and Robinette

Re-Posted from FEB 23, 2021 AT 10:35 AM

Joseph Robinette Biden loves communist China. President Trump stood up to Chinese. Beijing Biden does their bidding. The Democrats hounded Trump with a fake Russia collusion narrative. Doesn’t China Joe deserve the same treatment? I want to hear the mainstream media shout, ‘China China China!’ and demand Biden’s impeachment. Of course, that will never happen. Joe’s conduct toward China would have triggered an avalanche of outrage from the mainstream media and set off alarm bells from congressional leaders and the Department of Justice had Trump done similar things with Russia.

Imagine if one of Trump’s sons accompanied him on the taxpayer dime to visit Russia and then that son cut a billion dollar deal with Putin’s operatives. well, we’d never hear the end of it. Yet Biden’s son Hunter did exactly that in China and the Democrats and their mainstream media are rendered quiescent.

Beijing Biden is fine with China siphoning off wealth from slave labor both in China and in Africa. He said exploiting people is merely a ‘different cultural norm.’ Organ harvesting and the persecution of Falun Gong followers, Muslims, and Christians are fine with Joe.

China has gained influence over our government and culture. Hollywood will not make movies that are critical of the ChiComs. The NBA won’t dare criticize China. Eric Swalwell, Diane Feinstein, and who knows how many other Democrat politicians have been compromised by Chinese spies. Nothing was done about it. Swalwell even proudly crowed about bedding down a foreign spy.

China helped the Democrats steal the election. Nothing was done about it. Xi faced too much push back from Trump. Xi wanted Biden installed. Joe is Xi’s stooge, and yet we don’t hear a steady stream of outrage from the corporate media. That’s because the Democrats admire the Communist Party in China. They want the same setup here for themselves. That is, the Republicans and their followers become outlawed. They want Trump followers in particular hunted down and silenced. No more free speech. Gun confiscation. The Democrats want total domination and they’re on the way to achieving that because election rigging will become the norm—just like in any communist country.

It’s all as obvious as a ten cent comic book. Bat Soup Man leads his sidekick Robinette into violence against conservatives. Zing! Pow! Blam! Watch Xi and Joe as they set about destroying Gotham City—and America.

—Ben Garrison

World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation Are Main Drivers for Digital Vaccines Passports

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Feb 25, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Klaus Schwab is becoming one of the most dangerous men perhaps in modern history. His World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation are the main drivers behind the adoption of digital health passes. Two years before the corona pandemic, the EU Commission had drawn up a “roadmap for vaccination”. They are trying to create an authoritarian world where they have lurking behind the curtain their agenda to reduce the population. I am warning that these people are ultimately looking to keep such restrictions upon the world travel also to reduce CO2 and then merge that with ultimately permits to even have children.

We simply have to make sure that ANY politician who is in league with Schwab is thrown out of office by 2022. The entire future of Western Society depends on the rejection of Schwab and his insane Agenda 2030. Moreover, ANY company that is in partnership with the World Economic Forum should be AVOIDED at all costs. CEOs who have been secured by Schwab should also be purged from office in any public corporation. If we do not see these actions by 2022, we are in for a very nasty battle against this rising Tyranny. Both the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation should be black-listed by any investment whatsoever. In this world where they are out to cancel anyone who speaks the truth about their agenda, it is time we cancel them from society in return.

The Fake Pandemic Resistance

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Feb 23, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Vaccine Concerns that They Call Conspiracy Theory & Getting Back to Normal

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Feb 22, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The entire problem with these COVID Vaccines has been that politics usurped COVID-19 to not merely beat Trump in the United States who in John Kerry’s own words rejected the United Nations and this American was “absent” from the UN climate change agenda. However, in Europe COVID has been deliberately used to crush the economy and to launch this “BUILD BACK BETTER” agenda to bring the Great Reset into fruition. Therein lies the problem. There is no EXIT strategy because politics has corrupted medicine.

The Biden Administration made it very clear that even if you take these questionable vaccines, you will forever have to wear a mask and continue to social-distance. Getting vaccinated will NOT restore your freedom.There is no clear exit strategy because this virus has been usurped by politics and is being used to separate the sheep from the independent thinkers – God forbid!

There are doctors asserting that this virus has never been isolated nor purified. Indeed, even when I went to a pulmonary specialist and said I did not have COVID since I was tested 5 times and it was always NEGATIVE, he immediately responded that did not mean anything since the tests are not valid. There are lawsuits over the test and that it does not truly identify COVID. But on top of all of this, they skipped animal trials because it was politically so urgent. Although there were a total of 43,548 trial participants in Pfizer’s phase 3 trial, their calculation of effectiveness was based on a total of 170 participants only to claim 95% effectiveness. Anyone calling into question these vaccines is simply canceled like Robert F. Kenney Jr.

The initial round of lockdowns was NOT about suppressing the virus itself. Instead, politics claims millions would die because of the lack of hospital capacity. Hospitals were never maxed out nationally even on average. Whether and to what extent the “curve” was actually flattened will probably be debated for years but back then there was NO question of extinguishing the virus. The volume of the curves, tall and quick or short and long, was the same either way. People were going to get the bug until the bug burns out (herd immunity). So politics then used COVID for other political means which has been about destroying non-green businesses and jobs. We no longer hear about “flattening the curve” is the object of lockdowns. This has been a very clever political bait-and-switch to which the majority of sheep never looked at and the mainstream press will never raise.

Virtually imperceptibly, the rationale used for the lockdowns changed right in front of our eyes and not a single Investigative Journalist would dare even ask the question which they would have instantly 30 years ago. The mainstream press has simply joined the political conspiracy against the people and then even the New York Times has called on Biden to impose a “Reality Czar” to suppress anyone who dares to question this narrative. So much for free speech or caring about their fiduciary responsibility under the Constitution to protect the people from governmental tyranny. They should be stripped of all businesses licensed and shut down.

The mainstream press never discusses this “curve flattening” justification used to destroy the economy when NO OTHER historical record exists in 6,000 years of history of ANY government taking such an action nationwide.  Lockdown became an end in itself which had nothing to do with hospital capacity. The Madman of Australia, Daniel Andrews, imposed such harsh actions against the people it became more like he simply was some reincarnated former executioner who enjoyed torturing people. Very few hospitals suffered a crowding issue confined to places localized in two New York boroughs while hospitals around the country emptied out for patients who didn’t show up. There were even at least 350 hospitals that furloughed workers because everyone was locked down and people were dying for lack of medical care outside of COVID.

To keep up the newfound powers of tyranny, politicians and their corrupt medical advisers like Dr. Antony Fauci floated the idea like Typhoid Mary who was asymptomatic but spread the disease. Mary Mallon eventually died at the age of 70 by had never shown any symptoms of typhoid. Nevertheless, she spread the disease while working as a cook in the New York City area. They resurrected this possibility to then justify the lockdowns since the whole hospital nonsense began to quickly vanish. There were locking up people taking photos showing that the hospitals were empty.

In Britain, GDP dropped nearly 10% for 2020, the worst decline in 300 years! That failure should be embarrassing enough to any politician that would have them booted out of office after being hauled up on a no-confidence vote. The economic loss to Britain even shifted the status in the stock market from London as the financial center back to Amsterdam, where it all began. Schools closed, commercial rights were vanquished, shelter-in-place orders from wartime were imposed, travel virtually stopped internationally and even domestically. Conferences and theatre events were canceled whipping out hospitality and theme parks. Surely, what politician in their right mind would have destroyed their own nation without good, solid, science-based reasoning? Human rights were ignored.

This has been a nightmare because it is political. The only way to get back to normal is to throw all politicians out of office who supported this fraud. They have so terrorized people, simply going out to dinner in New York City now has people threatening to kill you for putting everyone at risk. This is totally insane.

People Being Fired by Democrats for Refusing to Get Vaccine

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Feb 22, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The New York Post reported that Bonnie Jacobson, 34, told them that the management at Red Hook Tavern canned her on Monday because she balked at getting the vaccine immediately. We are getting emails with similar stories which seem to be only highlighting the great divide between the Democrats and Republicans. Some are starting to even ask about vaccines in job interviews and it is going in both directions.

If they require a vaccine they are turning down job offers and others are firing people for refusing to get it. One reader said his daughter told the interviewer she will come back in a year and if you are OK, then I’ll take the job. Even the White House has confirmed that when vaccinated, you still need a mask, can still get it, and you still have to social distance. There seems to be no concrete answer and the fact that the vaccine producers have been given complete immunity does not invoke confidence. Just look at the immunity for BigTech – they have devastated society and destroyed any chance for democracy which relies upon the cornerstone of debate.

The fact that they skipped the animal trials does not embrace confidence when they are exempt from all immunity. And BTW, they petition the EU has also struck deals for the immunity or they would not distribute the vaccine in Europe.

(In case they Remove it: Public should be told that vaccines may have long term adverse effects)

Well, the left better pray that these vaccines do not have long-term side-effects as some are warning because they will be wiping out all Marxist-leaning supporters which could dramatically change politics forever.