Enhanced Interrogations Techniques, EIT’s

By Jeff Longo
The Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s “Enhanced Interrogations Techniques” [EIT] program was immensely deceitful and must be viewed with complete skepticism. After five years and $40 million only the Democratic Committee Chairwoman, Dianne Feinstein, and her Democratic members would attach their names to this flawed document. These condescending hypocrites failed to interview any of the CIA directors and not one CIA official involved with the program. Their minds were made up before the investigation began and they made certain that the conclusions would fit their shameful anti-American narrative—the CIA is guilty of torture and it’s a stain on America.
These Democrats concluded that the EIT’s such as water-boarding and sleep deprivation led to no useful intelligence. Both present and former CIA directors vehemently disagree with this assessment. Obama appointed Directors, Leon Panetta and John Brennan, have stated that the gathering of critical intelligence was directly attributable to the EIT program. Panetta goes so far as to suggest that this gathered intelligence helped lead to the final take down of Osama bin Laden. These men were never interviewed for the reasons stated above.
The Democrats on this committee are attempting to turn our enemies into the victims of 9/11. They have compromised our nations security and put the lives of those who serve America in jeopardy. What should be burned  into our nations conscience is the horror of bodies hitting the pavement from a thousand foot plunge and three thousand Americans being incinerated for the world to see. The CIA did exactly what was asked of them. For thirteen years these brave patriots have helped keep us safe and have prevented another major attack on our homeland. They should be honored, not vilified. Any blood shed because of this shameful report will be on the hands of Dianne Feinstein and her Democratic accomplices.
Jeff Longo

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