History Made – Donald Trump Accepting GOP Nomination for President (Full Speech Video)…

If you are an American and believe in our country then this is a great speech and you will like listening to it if you haven’t already heard it! Trump gets it the globalists are destroying our country as they sell all we have made for their own personal gain and Clinton is one of them — why else will they all be pouring money into her and the Clinton Foundation? These people do not part with millions and millions of dollars and expect nothing in return!

Party Politics – Insanity

Party Politics

QUESTION: Marty; I see these people ranting about Trump and how outraged they are. They seem to have no problem with the outrageous amount of lies Hillary has carried out or the fact that the bankers only donated to Hillary. They seem to be mindless and beyond rational claiming he is proposing that we build a wall along the “Mexican border and then has the audacity to suggest that Mexico will pay for it.” They they claim he advocates targeting family members of terrorists to combat ISIS, denigrates women, and is a “threat to American values” dismantling our social contract. They will never address Hillary’s lies or the fact the bankers donate to her not Trump. I am 35 and you are right. Those of us under 45 do not seem to be brainwashed as the older crowd. Is this what you mean by saying we are at a generational shift?

Thank you so much for your rational explanations.


ANSWER: Yes. There is a stark different in the thinking process where that line appears to be drawn at about 45. Of course, there are those of us over 45 (like myself) who have always been independent thinkers and reject the brainwashing that comes from party politics be it Republican or Democrat / Conservative/Labour.

People who espouse such one-sided nonsense are why we are in this state of crisis. Hillary is the poster-child for corrupt politicians. Even as First Lady, she was always lying and under some rock. The list of her lies are abundant. While Trump is infinitely the better choice on that score, the real question will be can Trump remain independent enough to make a difference? I serious doubt that he can actually reverse the damage that has been inflicted upon the American society for so many decades. The risk will be great that he will be assassinated for he stands against career politicians and the New York Bankers. So with that many enemies, it may be hard to survive.

Will Trump stay the course and hold Congress’ feet to the fire? Or will Trump just agree and sign whatever is put in front of him? We will be headed into a Great Monetary Crisis as early as 2018. I do think it would be better to have someone with some private sector understanding at the negotiation table on that one.

The only hope Trump offers is someone to stand up against politics as usual. Under Hillary, everything will be sold to the highest bidder and you can bet the New York bankers will rule the day. So I suppose it may end up as a choice between a softer landing with Trump and a very hard landing with Hillary.

Keep in mind that it will be the 2018 election where we may see more of a clean sweep of Congress, That is really what is necessary to turn things against. I would not expect that electing Trump would right all wrongs and it is not likely to prevent the crash and burn. If Hillary were to win, 2018 would be a major political revolution. If Trump were to win, perhaps his clash with the establishment send people to clean out Congress.


Over the past 50 years we have let the government break us down into sub groups so we can be better controlled. White American, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, LBGT Americans etc etc. This is wrong if you are here and a Citizen you are an American period and until we refuse to let them peg us as something else they will always have a hold over us and we will not be free.

Lynch is Clearly Compromised by Comey

Lynch Loretta - R

What is beginning to surface is that there has been a rift between Comey and the Obama Administration. Lynch is refusing to answer any question into Hillary’s emails before the House Judicial Committee. She claims it would be “inappropriate” for her to answer and tells them to talk to Comey. She said, “As attorney general, I am not able to provide any further comment on the facts or the substance of the investigation.” Since she has declined to indict Hillary, there is no longer an investigation. Even under the Freedom of Information Act, she must comply.

Lynch avoided every possible question. She managed to frustrate the committee like no other Attorney General in history. One member even said he missed Eric Holder. One member asked her, “Driving down the road, speed limit says 55, I’m doing 65. Have I broke the law?” Her arrogant reply was, “You would have to ask the Highway Patrol.” If she cannot answer even that question, she should be impeached from her position.

This is starting to demonstrate that Comey did not inform Lynch or Obama that he was going to air all the evidence and then claim no recommendation, because even if he did recommend an indictment, Lynch would never go against party politics. It is becoming clear that Comey aired the evidence because he knew that Lynch would never release anything and then point to his recommendation of no indictment. Comey was pulling a cover-your-ass move.

Lynch should be impeached, sanctioned, dismissed from her post and held in contempt of Congress.

Firewall with Bill Whittle: ‘Is Hillary Guilty?’

July 13, 2016

In his latest Firewall video Bill Whittle asks the question is Hillary Guilty? That is a rhetorical question of course but he goes on to explain why both she and Barack Obama do not care that she is guilty or that you know she is guilty. What they do know is there is no one in Washington that will stand up to either of them, so it just doesn’t matter what you thing.

Minnesota Police Chief: Ms. Diamond Reynolds Claims Do Not Match Reality…

Not to diminish what happened here but it seems that Ms Diamond has learned from Hillary that the truth doesn’t matter just make up a story and the media will eat up, if it fits the agenda they want to promote. We have seen this kind of story telling for several years now, especially as uncovered here in the tree house house, and its now to the point that it’s hard to say it’s not intentional.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Intensifies Personal Attacks Against Donald Trump….

Ginsburg is infected with the very thing she claims Trump has only she has it wrong she is the one that is “full of her self ” as we used to say while Trump has a more realistic view of his abilities. That may seem like an odd statement to make given the narrative being promoted but its the difference between confidence and arrogance. How can you dell the difference well look at Trumps crowds, the “real” people can tell!

Giuliani says Comey Disgraceful

Rudy Giuliani.jpg

Most of the people I have spoken to in the legal community are shocked that Comey did not indict Hillary. Comey clearly manipulated statutes by pretending that intent was required and claiming he could not prove intent, even though that is regularly enough to hand any jury to demand a conviction. The rest of us are treated far differently. In a fraud case, they put on lifestyle issues to prove intent. They show how much you spent and then play on the jury’s perception of the rich to say, “See! You must have had intent to support your lifestyle.” That is all they need to do to show intent to a jury.

Rudy Giuliani, the famous prosecutor who took down Michael Milkin and John Gotti and later became NYC mayor, came out and said “it’s mind boggling” what Comey did while appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.” Giuliani when further saying that Comey manipulated statutes covering the handling of national security information. “The director of the FBI made a really wrong decision, completely incorrect, and gave people a completely wrong impression of how you prove intent. And then ignored the two statutes that don’t require intent and gave no explanation of why there would be no indictment on those statutes.”

Not only would no other government employee be treated in such a manner, but certainly no private citizen. We have 65 million Americans who have been charged with something, which is about 25% of the entire adult population. They have been treated ruthlessly with no such mercy for the smallest offense. There was an ex-Vietnam vet, who had a prior charge, who wore an empty shell on a necklace with the chain drilled through the casing to remind him of Vietnam. They prosecuted him and gave him five years in prison for a felony possession of ammunition, claiming he could repair the shell and then reload it. Where was such intent there?

This is all part of the collapse in government. The rule of law no longer means anything. The judges are more likely to be corrupt and rule only for the government. The hope of getting a fair trial is gone. The game is simply over and Comey has just proved that to the entire world. When the rule of law collapses, the viability of government comes to an end. Between police murdering people with no just cause to Hillary betraying the country to line her pockets through the pretend foundation that the Clintons started when they were broke, nothing decent remains to leave our children. This is simply going from bad to worse.


What ever the source this is excellent advise!

George Bush Bails Out President Obama On Same Day Bernie Sanders Bails Out Hillary Clinton…

They call each other names in campaigns but in the end they are all the same — out for themselves and could care less about the people.