Western civilization is under attack by the Obama administration

Post by Jeff Longo

What should keep every American awake at night is the hateful ideology that is threatening Western civilization. Equally concerning is the Obama administration’s inability or determined unwillingness to stand up and identify the enemy who embraces this ideology. Anyone paying attention knows it’s radical Islam and their complete lack of tolerance for any other religion or group of people. It’s painful to watch members of this administration with their tortured attempts to avoid calling out this enemy of freedom.

Why the president refuses to name this enemy is open to speculation but certain facts can’t be disputed. From his first day in office Mr. Obama has refused to use the words Islam and terror in conjunction with one another. For a long time he refused to even use the word terrorist. This is the same administration that called the Fort Hood massacre “work-place-violence.” They did the same when an Oklahoma City woman was beheaded by a co-worker who clearly had been radicalized.

For the first time in years Americans rank defending our homeland as their number one priority. Recent attacks make it clear that Western civilization is engaged in a world war against radical Islam. In France nine journalists were gunned down because their paper published material that was critical of the prophet Mohammad. Hamas continues their brutal assault on Israel with rocket attacks on the civilian population. In Syria and Iraq ISIS continues to slaughter thousands of Christian men, women and children while taking control of large tracts of land. This land will be used to breed terrorism and launch future strikes against the United States. ISIS acted out their level of evil when they filmed the beheading of two American journalists for the world to see. In 2014 the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped 273 Nigerian school girls who haven’t been heard from since. Already this year they have massacred over 2000 people in northeast Nigeria. They capped of this bloodbath by strapping bombs to 3 Nigerian girls, one as young as 10, and blew them up in a crowded market place. In December of 2014 seven Taliban militants entered a Pakistani school and put bullets into the heads and chests of 132 Christian children. And now we’re told al-Qaeda has developed an undetectable bomb that can be made using common items found in the home. U.S. airlines have been identified as a probable target. All of these terrorist organizations can be linked by their hatred of Jews, their hatred of Christians, their stated goal of world dominance under Sharia law and the ideology of radical Islam.

The world has entered into a new phase in the war on terror and it’s heading our way. Radical Islam is the global security challenge of our generation. Western civilization faces a level of threat that requires leadership from the United States. Unfortunately President Obama lacks the political courage and moral fortitude to lead. He can no longer tell us that al-Qaeda has been “decimated” or that ISIS is the “JV” because we now understand this is just another lie. By his actions this president appears to put his legacy ahead of the security of the American people. Why on God’s earth would he be releasing the most dangerous terrorists at Guantanamo Bay to re-engage in an effort to kill Americans. Many feel he’s doing it to fulfill a regrettable campaign pledge to close the prison and help preserve his liberal progressive legacy. These are not the actions of a leader.

Cowardice thrives in the political morgue known as Washington DC. Many on the left are in denial and political correctness is driving our country to national suicide. Our president likes to tell us the “tides of war are receding.” They are not and America, and its people, need to prepare for a long and brutal stuggle to preserve our Republic. The stated goal of radical Islam is to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Does anyone believe that once nuclear weapons are secured our enemy won’t try and use them on our most populated cities? Left unchecked America will again be the victim of a catastrophic event that could make 9/11 pale in comparison.

And for those who label this column as nothing more than an Islamophobic rant from a Tea Party conservative…you’re right! I love America as it was founded and I fear the ideology of radical Islam that wants to destroy her.




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