Baltimore’s Problems are self-imposed

Post By Jeff Longo
The problems in Baltimore have nothing to do with a racist police department or racism in general. The mayor and police commissioner are black. The police department is made up of a majority of minority police officers. The entire city council and a majority of the school board are black. Three of the Baltimore cops arrested are black and they were indicted by a black State’s Attorney.
Nor do the problems have anything to do with a lack of funding. $2.8 billion of the Obama stimulus slush fund was directed to Baltimore with nothing to show for it. The public school system pays $16,000 per student per year making it the second highest in the nation. And for all of that only 56% of the students end up graduating from high school.
Like many large American cities the problem is the corrupt ideology of liberalism. After five decades of uninterrupted Democratic rule the city of Baltimore is collapsing and those responsible are scrambling to deflect blame. Welfare programs have done more to harm the black community than any police department ever could. Fifty years ago liberals thought it was a good idea to pay women who had babies out of wedlock and no man in the house. Today a shocking 72% of black babies are born out of wedlock. 
The Democratic Party needs to maintain and grow an underclass of uninformed voters dependent on government hand outs and looking for more. As long as the citizens, trapped in poverty and violence, keep checking the “D” on their ballot they will remain prisoners of liberalism and its failed welfare programs. And as always the Democratic Party can rely on the corrupt cowards in the main stream media to provide cover for the damage being done to our Republic, and its people.


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