Killing Babies for Money!

Post By Jeff Longo

Planned Parenthood has provided a glimpse of the horror that takes place every day behind their walls. One of their top abortion Doc’s was taped explaining the process that allows them to harvest the organs of unborn babies to then sell for research. While dining on salad and sipping wine, she casually explains how the baby is pulled from the mother’s womb and systematically crushed with forceps in a way not to damage the organs that will then be sold. This despicable woman is only part of a much larger discussion. She belongs to an organization that actively promotes the destruction of helpless babies right up to the time they are birthed. And for those who would say Planned Parenthood provides many other health-care benefits for women save your breath, women have many other options for health-care providers and they don’t butcher babies.

Margaret Sanger, a well documented racist, founded Planned Parenthood nearly 70 years ago. Her dream had nothing to do with women’s healthcare or women’s rights. She believed forced sterilization and abortion would assist society by eliminating the unfit. Sanger praised Nazi Germany’s sterilization program and dedicated her life to ridding the world of poor black babies. Hillary Clinton actually said “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously. I am really in awe of her.” Hardly comments you would expect from a presidential candidate when discussing a vile racist.

What we are witnessing is the rotting of our nation’s moral foundation. These tiny creatures being crushed to death are not just pieces of tissue they are living babies who feel pain. Planned Parenthood is an abomination that has lobbied against giving women the opportunity to see an ultrasound before allowing the life inside her to be crushed to death. It’s appalling to watch those who defend this atrocity against humanity. Those who respect freedom and the dignity of life look at this depravity with horror and disgust. Abortion is America’s Holocaust and one of the barometers future civilizations will judge us by.



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