Living Baby Part’s to the highest bidder!

By Jeff Longo

Thanks to Plain Dealer letter writer Karen Tucker [Baseless assault on Planned Parenthood] for reminding us how mindless and out of touch liberals have become. She’s appalled by the vicious attacks on Planned Parenthood that are based on heavily edited videotapes. Surely even Ms. Tucker understands when videotapes are hours long they require editing for time constraints in the media. There were multiple sites where the unedited versions could be viewed in their entirety. Nothing changes, we still see a callous abortion doctor, void of emotion, describing how the baby is removed from the mother’s womb and systematically crushed with forceps in a way not to damage the organs that will then be sold. She discusses this grotesque procedure while dining on salad and sipping wine. We then witness another abortion doctor sifting through a petri dish, identifying baby’s body parts, while discussing their value.

These are living babies that feel pain and we’re allowing it to happen. Planned Parenthood is an abomination that is helping rot our country’s moral foundation. Ms. Tucker and liberalism are the acid that eats away at American exceptionalism. Abortion is America’s Holocaust and one of the barometers future civilizations will judge us by.

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