Obama Wants Your Guns

Post By Jeff Longo

Once again Barack Obama showed incredibly bad judgement when he declared war on the Second Amendment before he had any knowledge of the facts surrounding the Oregon college shootings. With the dead bodies still warm, this president said “states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths”. We need only look at Obama’s home state of Illinois to realize what an irresponsible lie this was. Could he possibly believe we’re all as gullible as the clueless zombies that make up his base? The poor souls murdered in Oregon are being used by a president who always puts his legacy and destructive liberal agenda ahead of America and her people.

As with all of these mass-shootings, this cowardly animal chose a gun-free zone to carry out this carnage. These zones provide ample time for these freaks-of-nature to kill as many people as possible with little or no resistance. What the left refuses to grasp is that only law abiding gun owners will comply with gun-free zones. Criminals seek them out. Here’s how the Blaze’s Dana Loesch so aptly described them; “gun-free zones are criminal protection areas.” If Obama truly wants common sense gun legislation, he should suggest doing away with them so Americans can be free to protect themselves and their families.



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