UK Conservative Election Lead Growing Stronger Post Brexit…

In the run-up to the June 8th national election called for by British Prime Minister Theresa May, the local elections are providing strong indicators for a historic level of support.

This outcome is exactly what Prime Minister May wanted as she heads into tough negotiations with the European Union on terms of exit.

Having won the historic Brexit vote and gained victory for the UK to pull out of the Union, most of UKip party supporters are melding back into the traditional Conservative party ranks.

REUTERS – British Prime Minster Theresa May’s Conservative Party is still a strong 16 points ahead of the main opposition Labour Party ahead of a national election on June 8, according to a poll by Opinium on Saturday.

The Conservatives polled 46 percent in an online survey of 2,005 adults, down one point from the last Opinium survey on April 25, while Labour were unchanged on 30 percent.

The survey, carried out before this week’s big Conservative victory in local elections, put the Liberal democrats on 9 percent and the anti-EU UKIP on 7 percent.  (link)

More on the local election results from Daily Mail – Prime Minister May is on course for a general election landslide after pummelling Labour and crushing Ukip at the local polls.

The Tories recorded a stunning series of results yesterday, picking up 560 seats in every part of the country – including Labour marginals in the North, the Welsh valleys and even Scotland.  (read more)

‘Bilateral Trade’ has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?


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