REPORT: Ford Board of Directors Will Fire Mark Fields as CEO…

Much of the predictive economic analysis we present is done so for a very specific reason. If you teach yourself how to sift through the big picture rocks you can quite simply predict the granular future.  Our CTH goal has always been to help with the sifting. CTH has a remarkable track record because common sense is the compass heading, and when we see the obscure data –nobody pays attention to– we focus attention and context upon it.

NOW THIS–>:DETROIT (AP) — Ford is replacing its CEO amid questions about its current performance and future strategy. A person familiar with the situation says CEO Mark Fields is retiring at age 56 after 28 years at the company. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the official announcement hasn’t been made.

Fields will be replaced by Jim Hackett, who joined Ford’s board in 2013, this person says. Hackett has led Ford’s mobility unit since last year. He is the former CEO of office furniture maker Steelcase. Fields helped lead Ford’s turnaround a decade ago as president of its Americas division. But the company’s stock price has fallen almost 40 percent in the three years since he became CEO. (link)

Those of you who have been around a while might remember…

THIS 2016 Predictive CTH ARTICLE.

[…]  Ford CEO Mark Fields, like many modern vulture capitalists, is a globalist – not an America-First CEO. (link)

The entire reason Mark Fields was doomed to certain failure was outlined in that 2016 interview and the expressed ideological presentation he espoused.

There will be many more who fail because they simply do not understand the nature of the new dimension in American economics, vis-a-vis “economic patriotism”.  They simply don’t have a reference point for how to lead a successful corporation within the new economic model.

Believe me.

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