Al-Sisi Strikes Back – Egyptian Fighter Jets Bomb Eastern Libya Terrorist Camps…

“America stands with President al-Sisi and all the Egyptian people today, and always, as we fight to defeat this common enemy.  America also makes clear to its friends, allies, and partners that the treasured and historic Christian Communities of the Middle East must be defended and protected.”

~ U.S. President Donald J Trump

Following the terrorist attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt, Egyptian military jets attacked Islamic extremist positions in eastern Libya.  The officials said the warplanes on Friday targeted the headquarters of the Shura Council in the city of Darna, where local militias are known to be linked to al-Qaida, not the Islamic State group.

The retaliatory bombings were aimed at terrorist outposts, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stated: “any form of state-sponsored terrorism should be punished. Anyone who attacks Egypt, whether they’re from inside or outside Egypt’s borders, will be punished.”  According to Egyptian TV six “terrorist” camps were struck by the sortie.

The jihadist targets selected by Egypt are thought to be the Islamic assailants’ training grounds. In the aftermath of Gaddafi’s fall, Libya has become a failed state where terrorists organize and coordinate without much central government opposition. Eastern Libya is a stronghold for radical Islamic sentiment.

President Donald Trump condemned the murder of the Coptic Christians. “Evil organizations of terror” with a “thuggish ideology” are responsible for the attacks against Christians, they will be crushed, he said.

Don’t be surprised to see the U.S. support al-Sisi with additional strikes launched from U.S. Naval Airbase in Sigonella Italy.  (He’s right next door

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