President Trump is Right To Call Out NATO Countries – U.S. Paying 76 Percent of Total NATO Spending…

President Trump’s political opposition, including Most Swamp Media (MSM), have claimed he went too far in calling out NATO members for their lack of funding their own military and security apparatus.

During President Trump’s latest trip to NATO he stated publicly they needed to improve and do it quickly.  The media expressed a position that President Trump was too direct; however, what the media never shows is how far out of balance the entire financial system is for NATO.

The members of NATO agreed to spend at least 2% of their GDP on their own internal defense and security.   Most people are probably familiar with a graphic such as below which appears on CNN website explaining the dynamic:

However, what is rarely added to the discussion is the scope of the U.S. GDP in comparison to other nation states.  For us to spend 3.61% of our massive GDP ($18.5 Trillion) is actually $670,344,000,000  That represents 76.11% of the entire NATO budget.

In the graphic below I’ve added the GDP and extended the math to show how much the United States actually pays in whole dollars in comparison to the top 10 NATO member nations:

The US is providing $670,344,000,000  – That’s 76.11% of the entire NATO spending on military.

When you extend the amounts out you can see the fuller story of how big the disparity is between the entire NATO budget and who is contributing.

Greece, Estonia, the U.K, and Poland are the only nations meeting their promise to spend at least 2% of their GDP on the “collective defense”.

It is ridiculous in the extreme for the United States to be paying 76 percent of the total amount spent on NATO collective defense.

President Trump is right to call them out publicly.   Heck, he should go further.  I would suggest reducing our own contribution until ALL nations catch up.

Nice new fancy NATO building you got there Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg!

Caviar Socialists love to spend money that’s not theirs.  Boy does this video make more sense against the backdrop of how much our military is carrying for them:

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