Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Deconstructs Matt Lauer’s Talking Points…

Earlier today Secretary of Commerce Wilbur “Wilburine” Ross was interviewed by Today host Matt Lauer. Wilburine doesn’t suffer fools especially when they are quoting from oppositional talking points disconnected from facts.

Lauer throws the progressive talking points and Wilburine simply chews through them while reminding Lauer the Paris Treaty was about economics not climate.


The underlying principle of the Trump Economic Team’s policy is how they plan to effectively grow the economy beyond the current 1-1.5%. Without the insufferable regulation, and with renegotiated trade deals, the baseline for economic growth jumps enormously.

This is the fundamental disconnect most financial and economic followers are missing. All current assumptions for growth are predicated on the burdensome status quo; remove those blocks and the national GDP has no upper limit. Three to four percent (or higher) growth becomes the reality.

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