Lengthy FBI Official Testimony Ongoing – Briefing Report: Agent Strzok Worked Off Range on Counterintelligence Ops…

FBI Director of Counterintelligence E.W. “Bill” Priestap has been delivering testimony to a joint congressional committee for more than seven hours.

This is Bill Priestap’s first testimony to congress.  Previously all of Priestap’s statements have been made to FBI and INSD (Inspection Division) investigators.  This is also likely the first time many congressional members will have heard of the scale and scope of the abuse by the DOJ-NSD and FBI.

The joint House Judiciary and Oversight Committee has been hearing testimony from Bill Priestap all day. A tweet from Chad Pergram notes: “Colleague Catherine Herridge rpts a mbrs familiar w/Hse closed-door i-view w/FBI espionage chief Bill Priestap has been cooperative. But says FBI Agent Strzok played an more central role than previously known in Clinton email/Russia investigations beyond Strzok/Page text messages.”

It appears there will be confirmation of prior research.  There was always a strong suspicion FBI Agent Peter Strzok was working around his boss Bill Priestap and reporting directly to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and to a lesser extent FBI chief legal counsel James Baker.  Activity in both the Clinton email and Russia investigations that was outside normal chain-of-command structure.

If this aspect of Priestap’s general testimony is confirmed it will solidify the construct of the small group and their closely-guarded, unscrupulous and political intentions.

Another interesting tweet from Chad Pergram surrounds four specifically democrat members of the congressional intelligence oversight:

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner are the four democrat members of the Intelligence Oversight “Gang-of-Eight” as an outcome of their committee and leadership positions….

… it would appear the Democrats on the Go8 recognize the risk of their attachment to the corrupt CIA, DNI, FBI and DOJ behavior in 2016.   The documents the DOJ and FBI have refused to give Chairman Devin Nunes are directly related to the intelligence briefings given by CIA Director John Brennan to the Gang-of-Eight in 2016.

Apparently the Democrats want to know if President Trump has been provided evidence of the actual truth of what transpired.   They don’t want to make more political statements until they can absorb just how much the President knows.

Angst They Much.

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