Fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe Requests Criminal Immunity in exchange for Congressional Testimony…

Wait, what?  We’ve obviously come a full 180° from the place where Democrats were proclaiming McCabe’s innocence; and we’ve entered the phase where McCabe is requesting criminal immunity in exchange for testimony about what he knows of the corrupt FBI operations in 2016 and 2017. [Worm Turning Speech Increases]

In a series of letters going back and forth between Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Michael Bromwich, the attorney for fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Bromwich is requesting criminal immunity in exchange for cooperation.

On May 31st, 2018, Chairman Grassley invited Andrew McCabe to testify [SEE HERE]; On June 4th Bromwich responded [SEE HERE]  Grassley is requesting emails McCabe said he sent to Comey about talking to the media.  According to McCabe, despite his false statements to FBI and INSD investigators (under oath), his conduct was with the full knowledge of FBI Director James Comey.  Grassley was asking for proof.  Bromwich responded by saying McCabe doesn’t have the emails, the current FBI does.

Here’s the response letter:


Chairman Grassley followed up requesting a copy of the Non Disclosure Agreement signed by Andrew McCabe which blocks McCabe from producing the requested documents [SEE HERE] and Grassley also responds to the request for criminal immunity.

First, with respect to your testimony, the Committee’s understanding of various controversies at the FBI related to and following the 2016 election would be greatly aided by your testimony, not only at the upcoming hearing but in a more comprehensive private setting as well.

While I have not yet done so, I am willing to discuss with the Ranking Member your request that the Committee consider seeking a court order compelling you to testify under a grant of immunity. However, under 18 U.S. Code § 6005, seeking such an order requires a two-thirds vote of the Committee, and even if that were to occur, the Justice Department would then have a formal opportunity to delay any testimony and attempt to persuade the Committee not to proceed. Before even beginning to consider whether to initiate that process, the Committee would need to know a lot more about the anticipated scope, nature, and extent of your testimony. The Committee could then informally consult with the Department to solicit its views before deciding whether to proceed formally.  (read more)

McCabe’s lawyer Michael Bromwich responds June 5th:


According to CNN – Grassley has set the Judiciary hearing for next Monday, but it could be delayed, as the inspector general’s report — while a moving target — is still not public yet. Sources familiar with the report describe it as a massive undertaking, walking through the events leading up to the 2016 election over roughly 500 pages.


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