Why is Former Ambassador Refusing to be Questioned by Russians?

John McCain is one politician I have no respect for whatsoever. My opinion of him was formed before his war against Trump. I find it terrible coincidental that McCain sponsored the Magnitsky Act. I cannot say it any plainer – Magnitsky was Browder’s accountant. He was NOT a lawyer. That spin by Browder raises a lot of red flags.

Putin gave a list of 11 Americans the Russians want to interrogate. On the list was Michael McFaul who was U.S. ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration.McFaul told NPR that there were “dangerous consequences of allowing us to be called criminals in Russian courts.” The Senate voted 98-0 in a nonbinding resolution, opposing allowing people such as yourself to be interviewed by Russia. It seems that ONLY law in the USA counts and nobody else. The US can indict Russians but America will prevent its officials from being even questioned. McFaul says this is crazy and absurd. Then face the questions if there is nothing to it at all. Let the interrogation take place and made public.

As Shakespear once wrote in Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks

It is beginning to look like just maybe Trump did not prevent the indictment of Russians and invited it to open the door to the Russian scandal. This may get interesting yet. Trump has postponed any meeting with Putin in the USA until he says the “Russia witch hunt” is over.

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