Attkisson: “What Would The Intelligence Community ‘Insurance Policy’ Look Like?”…

Sharyl Attkisson has a great article written at The Hill today –SEE HERE–  Within the outline Attkisson ponders what exactly would an FBI/DOJ/IC “insurance policy” look like, and she smartly connects Lawfare Blog Benjamin Wittes October 2016 writing also about needing an “insurance policy” against the possibility of a Donald Trump victory.

Not accidentally, DOJ lawyer Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok also followed their fellow ideologues at Lawfare Blog and discussed plans and opinions amid their released text messages…. Also not accidentally, fired FBI General Counsel James Baker went to work for Lawfare after leaving the FBI.  Benjamin Wittes was a close friend of FBI Director James Comey.

For those who have researched the issues deeply, the connection between the DOJ/FBI “insurance policy” conspiracy group on the inside of government; and the Robert Mueller/Benjamin Wittes “insurance policy” group on the outside of government, has been clear for a long time.  However, Attkisson is the first mainstream person to write about it and connect the proverbial dots.


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