Bruce Ohr Scheduled to Testify To Joint Congressional Committee August 28th…

Representative Mark Meadows has announced on twitter that DOJ official Bruce Ohr has been scheduled to testify on August 28th, this month.

According to additional details provided to the Daily Caller, Ohr will testify to the same joint committee that previously heard testimony from Lisa Page.  The joint committee is a blend of House Oversight (Trey Gowdy, Chairman) and House Judiciary (Bob Goodlatte, Chairman).  If the same process is used, Chairman Goodlatte will determine which committee members will conduct the questioning.

The August 28th Bruce Ohr testimony will be closed; however, it is possible another open hearing may be held at another date.  In recent days a great deal of information has surfaced from communication between Bruce Ohr and participants in the 2016 FBI/DOJ and Fusion GPS operation against candidate Donald Trump. John Solomon –SEE HERE–  Sara Carter –SEE HERE– Byron York –SEE HERE– and Chuck Ross –SEE HERE– have each written articles about the issues surrounding Bruce Ohr.

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