Jim Jordan Discusses Testimony of DOJ-NSD Official George Toscas….

A select group of congressional representatives, participating in a closed-door joint committee of congress, is questioning DOJ-NSD official George Toscas today.

The joint committee is a group from within the House Oversight (Gowdy) and House Judiciary (Goodlatte) committees.  Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte selects the committee members who do the questioning.   Jim Jordan discusses part of today’s events.


George Toscas is an interesting subject to interview. Within the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok text messages the name Geeorg Toscas is an intermittent occurrence mostly surrounding the Clinton email investigation. He is a key figure in the Sept/Oct. 2016, timeline when the New York DOJ/FBI were in contact with DC DOJ/FBI surrounding the Abedin/Weiner laptop.

It is clear from the conversations that Toscas was not part of the “inside-group”; not always in alignment with their efforts; and often the tone of the Strzok/Page texts showed that they viewed Toscas engagements as a risk to their small group interests.

I have always considered this particular set of Page/Strzok text messages interesting because whoever (I presume a DOJ/FBI bad actor) did the editing of them deleted many messages in/around these dates.  [Read the PDF HERE]



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