Sunday Talks: Chuck Todd Interviews Rudy Giuliani As the Media Narrative Collapses…

I know, I know…. no-one wants to watch the insufferable Chuck Toad. However, the value in this interview is recognizing how desperate the Resistance Media are to keep up morale… and yet they simultaneously know the two-year narrative is collapsing around them.

It is increasingly obvious the media have run out of ammunition to keep defending the “Muh Russia” nonsense.  Ex. where’s Stormy Daniels?…. Anyone?  Anyone?

Additionally, Ristvan emphasizes key points many are noticing. The New York Times article about Don McGahn cooperating with Robert Mueller was a big (Trump Derangement Syndrome) mistake for at least three reasons.

  1. Shows Mueller team is leaking. How else would NYT ‘know’ McGahn ‘gave 30 hours’ of testimony? Leak or made up, there is not a third possibility.
  2. Trump could have asserted client attorney privilege, but as McGahn’s own attorney pointed out, did not—-because nothing to hide. The badly damages the collusion/obstruction theory, more evidence is just a witch hunt. Both points help Trump.
  3. Allows Trump to counterattack directly both NYT fake news and Mueller witch hunt. Which he did immediately.

The New York Times did not think the consequences through. Big blunder.

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