No Further Evidence Needed: Hate-Filled McCain Family Does Not Invite Sarah Palin to Attend Funeral…

Despite having numerous opportunities over the past several years to criticize her former back-stabbing, war-mongering, deception and former running mate, Sarah Palin always refused to be critical of the pontificating pus goblin known as Senator John McCain.

To highlight the severity of the self-interest, elitist superiority and bitter hatred carried in the heart of the entire McCain clan, Sarah Palin was not invited to attend his funeral service.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and George Bush will deliver remarks.

WASHINGTON DC – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has reportedly not been invited to attend funeral services for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), her onetime running mate.

NBC News reported Wednesday that Palin had not been invited. A source within the Palin family told NBC News that “out of respect to Senator McCain and his family we have nothing to add at this point.”  (read more)

Will Rogers never met John McCain! ~SD


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