Former Senator Jon Kyl Will Fill-In as Interim Arizona Senator Through This Congressional Year….

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl retired in 2013.  Today he was appointed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to fill-in the absent Arizona Senate Seat formerly occupied by John McCain. Kyl has accepted the interim Senate seat only through this congressional session ending in January 2019.

Due to party political considerations; due to the overall corrupt ideology of the Arizona GOPe political apparatus; and due the customary illusion of choice; Arizona is not holding an election for a permanent replacement until 2020. Without Kyl agreeing to an extension, that means Arizona will have another interim Senator appointed for the next congressional year, beginning January 2019.

Now things make sense. This plan has obviously been in place for a while. Senator Jon Kyl was the Republican whip for a number of years in the senate, and also served as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s guide taking Kavanaugh through the confirmation meetings with current senators.

The corrupt GOPe apparatus, State and Federal writ large – along with the corrupt McCain clan obviously pre-planned this appointment, and Kyl was selected to be Kavanaugh’s handler as part of his GOPe reintroduction.

Very swampy…. just like McCain.

This is why I call this GOPe clan ‘Decepticons’. They too are waiting to see if President Trump can hold congressional majorities before taking further steps.

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