Sixty Day DOJ/FBI Election Window Closes Today…

The 2018 Mid-Term elections are sixty days away. Today, September 7th, if traditional institutional protocols are followed, is the technical end of any opportunity for FBI and DOJ to publicly release any investigative material that would influence the political landscape.

While it is unknown if Special Counsel Robert Mueller will follow the customary tradition within the 60 day window, it is virtually guaranteed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will.   This means that any (presumed to exist) investigations that can collaterally damage the 2018 election -for either party- will be put on hold until after November 6th.  The investigation activity may be running in the background, but there will be no public action.

Any ongoing investigations -if any- will likely continue; however, the public release of any information from within the institutions of the DOJ and/or FBI will not happen.  There’s no written rule about this, just a general custom and protocol.  If this custom is followed we should not anticipate any public releases that would support indictments or accountability toward former political officials and/or politicians participating therein.

That said, there’s a solid argument that Robert Mueller’s team will take the opportunity to pay-back the perceived FBI political violation of this custom (October 2016 regarding the public announcement of the re-opening of the Hillary Clinton investigation), and break the protocol to deliver a retaliatory hit toward President Trump in October 2018.

If, as we have long suspected, the prosecutorial small-group (formerly headed by McCabe and Jim Baker during spygate) selected Mueller, and not vice-versa, then it could be a decision for team leader Andrew Weissmann.  Due to the political vindictiveness of Weissmann, he is more likely to carry out an ‘October Surprise‘ political hit while providing Mr. Mueller the optic of clean hands toward the violation.

Additionally, there is a small possibility the Inspector General Michael Horowitz FISA investigation might be carved out from this tradition; and might, just might, release the findings of the third investigation which has been ongoing since March.  However, this is only a very small possibility.  With the closing of this window, the IG’s FISA report is more likely coming after the November 6th election.

Politically speaking all DC elements, institutions, people and politicians (republicans and democrats), who are opposed to President Trump and/or who might be at risk from exposure of their own duplicitous conduct within the soft-coup effort, will work feverishly over the next 60-days to remove the threat.  That means winning the House of Representatives in the November mid-terms.

With that in mind, here’s two likely scenarios:

#1) President Trump loses the House of Representatives.  If this happens all of the adverse Special Counsel, DOJ and FBI material will be held until after the new congress takes over on January 3rd of 2019.  This would be the “ramp-up” strategy. Narrative efforts toward impeachment will be paramount.  Likely Nancy Pelosi would be Speaker of the House; Adam Schiff would be Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; Jerry Nadler would be the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; and Elijah Cummings would be Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

It would be very politically challenging for President Trump to remove Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray and Bowditch if the Democrats win the House.  The Democrats would want to keep them in place because they would hold an aligned interest.


#2) If President Trump and the Republicans can hold the House of Representatives, it seems likely the Special Counsel, DOJ and FBI will dump everything negative into the lame-duck congressional session between November 7th and January 3rd, 2019.  The corrupt entities will want to do this while they still have people like: Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen etc to cover their tracks.  This would be the “tamp-down” strategy. [There are around 30 GOP reps leaving at the end of the 115th congressional session along with Jeff Flake and Bob Corker in the upper chamber]   The IG FISA report is almost guaranteed to be dumped within this lame-duck congress.

The best case scenario is for President Trump, the MAGA movement and republicans to win the House, perhaps even gain seats, and win a larger majority in the Senate.  This is our mission.

If this happens President Trump will have a strong mandate to remove Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein in the DOJ, along with Christopher Wray and David Bowditch in the FBI (and all of their personally selected support officials), and replace them with leadership actually willing to confront the institutional corruption.

ex. Remember that institutional Bias Training that FBI Director Wray said was a priority on June 14th, 2018, after he stated the 2nd IG report showed no institutional bias?  Yeah, kinda like the El Chappo funds to build the wall legislation Ted Cruz was promoting in 2016.  Both proclamations forgotten before they ate dinner.

So the only public political events that predictably remain within the DOJ calendar within this 60-day window is the Special Counsel sentencing of Michael Flynn (currently scheduled for September 17th); and the potential Special Counsel trial of Paul Manafort.

Every single adverse interest will be working to gain control of the House of Representatives in the next 60-days.  Not only are there billions at stake; but there are also indictments and real-life accountability on the line.

We haven’t seen anything yet.  Nothing is out of bounds when everything is on the line.

They have been making kitchen sinks for over a year.

Nothing is out of bounds.

For those at risk this mid-term election is a zero-sum war.


This is a comment from Centinel2012 is added to this post from the The conservative Tree House.

Since Jeff Session is a stickler for following the procedures I can’t see him letting Trump De-classify any material in the FBI or DOJ; in particular anything related to the FISA applications or the 302 interview documents.  That will have to wait till after the election and if the Republicans lose the House we will never see any of that material period the Democrats will find ways to block the reseals . Then if we lose the House Trump will be on his own; and will be fighting the impeachment proceedings in the house and then the trial in the Senate. They will drag that out as long as they can to take up a good portion of the last two years. Which would then put Pence in as President maybe 6 months prior to the November 2020 election and he would likely lose to the Democrat no mater who they ran, even Hillary, because Pence would be guilty by association with Trump.

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