Good News: Mark Meadows Begins Outlining FBI Corrupt “Sources” (Journalists) and “Methods” (Media Reports)…

As details and documents are pried from the grip of FBI officials intent on hiding the institutional malfeasance, one corrupt issue has become increasingly clear.  The FBI and DOJ intentionally leaked information to the media and then cited the subsequent media reports for their ongoing investigative purposes.

Within this circular approach journalists became “sources” and media reports became “methods”.  Thus, the FBI and DOJ are desperate to protect “sources and methods” because behind the familiar catch-phrase is an outline of procedural corruption. ie: “by the book“.

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) is one of the congressional investigators who, with greater document release, is beginning to outline this approach.

In a letter today to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (full pdf below) Mr. Meadows points to new discoveries of how FBI Lawyer Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok were using leaks to the media in April 2017 to further the aim of eliminating President Trump.

The letter cites two specific examples:

  • April 10, 2017: (former FBI Special Agent) Peter Strzok contacts (former FBI Attorney) Lisa Page to discuss a “media leak strategy.” Specifically, the text says: “I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go.”
  • April 12, 2017: Peter Strzok congratulates Lisa Page on a job well done while referring to two derogatory articles about Carter Page. In the text, Strzok warns Page two articles are coming out, one which is “worse” than the other about Lisa’s “namesake”.” Strzok added: “Well done, Page.”

Keep in mind, in the background – March 17th, 2017: the Security Director of the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI), James Wolfe, had leaked the first 83 page FISA application on Carter Page to his journalist girlfriend Ali Watkins.  [Go Deep]  Ms. Watkins then began reporting on elements within the application that applied to Carter Page.  This seeded the media for subsequent stories.

Here’s the letter from Mark Meadows:


You’ll note the citation for the Washington Post article contained in the Meadows letter is THIS ONE – April 11th, 2017 –  With a familiar set of authors:

Journalist Devlin Barrett was a frequent recipient of leaks from FBI Attorney Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  [Go Deep] The leaks were used to shape a narrative that was favorable to the objectives of the FBI and were in line with the dictates of Ms. Page boss, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe was fired from the FBI for lying to internal investigators about his involvement with leaks.  [Possible criminal indictment pending] It is reasonably assumed that Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe gave statements about the leaks that conflicted with each other.

The pattern here is remarkably familiar in all aspects of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 FBI and DOJ operations against President Trump.  The media were collaborating with corrupt officials to both frame a narrative and simultaneously provide material for use in ongoing corrupt FBI and DOJ investigations; including, ultimately, Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Many sources for FBI investigative reports are actually media articles that were written based on leaks from the FBI investigators.  This is one of the reasons the media are dug-in to a position of alignment with the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials. [Go Deep]  Inasmuch as the truth is adverse to the interests of the corrupt officials, so too is that same truth toxic to the media corporations who engaged in the collaboration.

Additionally, many of the journalists who keep showing up amid the population of this ongoing story are likely connected to the Fusion-GPS network.  This creates even more motive for ongoing media obfuscation.

Lastly, within the final paragraph of the letter, Mark Meadows mentions Mike Kortan.  Mike Kortan was the former FBI Asst. Director of Public Affairs.  [Go Deep] “Mike” Kortan is mentioned often in the Page/Strzok messages.

Jim Baker (FBI Chief Legal Counsel); Trisha Beth Anderson (FBI/DOJ Office of Legal Counsel), Dave Laufman (DOJ-National Security Division); and Mike Kortan (FBI Press Office)

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