James O’Keefe -vs- The Permanent Administrative State…

A very interesting speech by James O’Keefe at the Gateway-Eagle Forum highlights an upcoming Project Veritas enterprise.  What O’Keefe outlines is a preview for undercover research within Washington DC to put actual names and faces behind those who operate inside the Administrative State.  WATCH:


What James O’Keefe outlines is highly pertinent as it applies to current discussions of corrupt activity within the institutions of the DOJ and FBI. Specifically, the nameless and faceless administrators control much more important outcomes than generally discussed; including outcomes from a recent series of questions we posed. An example below.

When we ask questions about the origin of evidence, and the timing of “NEW” disclosures of evidence, one of the key factors missed by many is how lower level officials actually control what surfaces. Consider the example of Bruce Ohr being questioned about his engagements with Christopher Steele.

Notice how Mr. Bruce Ohr was questioned by some unnamed and unknown FBI officials prior to President Obama leaving office. When Obama leaves, and when President Trump enters, those same FBI officials remain – just as they were prior to the change in administration.

There is no change in the lower-level FBI officials who hold custody of the information; in this example, questioning Bruce Ohr. Whatever motive and ideology existed within those questioners during the Obama term, still remains under the Trump term.

Fast forward a few months and these same nameless faceless FBI entities in mid-2017 are retrieving messages and email communications from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Those messages and emails are then redacted, likely by the mid-level administrative offices.

This cuts to the heart of the questions surrounding: why are “new” Strzok messages being released now? Who was in control of this information prior to now? What was the motive for withholding this information over the past 16 months?  What is the motive for releasing this information now?

Unknown, unnamed and faceless administrators (and investigators) within the institutions control almost all of the evidence within the system. The system is designed by those within it to protect itself. James O’Keefe is the first person to openly address this “administrative state”, question the underlying assumptions, and start to put names and faces behind this anonymous bureaucracy.

O’Keefe’s efforts should be applauded.

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