Sunday Talks: House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Kavanaugh Confirmation, McCabe and Rosenstein Corruption…

  • Nellie Ohr is scheduled to testify on Friday October 19th !
  • Chairman Goodlatte will subpoena documents this week.
  • Goodlatte urges POTUS to pressure IG for FISA report within two weeks.

Representative Bob Goodlatte is both the House Judiciary Committee Chairman and primary Chairman on the Joint House Committee (Judiciary/Oversight) tasked with investigating the DOJ and FBI.

In this interview Maria Bartiromo asks the important questions about the pending Judge Kavanaugh confirmation, and then goes deep on the issues surrounding the corruption within the DOJ and FBI.   Lots of information here:


The second part of the interview highlights Ms. Bartiromo’s righteous frustration, reflecting exactly how many Americans feel about what has taken place.  See below:

There’s a lot of information jammed into this last few minutes:


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