The Democrat “MOB” or the Republican “JOBS” — Its Your Choice!

The Democratic Party no longer has a rational message and they don’t deserve the slightest benefit of doubt. They now rely on mob intimidation, chaos and physical assault to regain power. And here’s a message to the gutless cowards in the main stream media who masquerade as journalists; our eyes and ears do not deceive us.

We’ve seen the leftist mob, Antifa, shut down conservative speech, destroy property and resort to physical violence at the University of California, Berkeley and college campuses throughout the nation.

We’ve seen Republicans terrorized while out dining with family and friends.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in police assassinations in the wake of “Black Lives Matter.”

We’ve seen mobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court because due process and the presumption of innocence prevailed.

We’ve seen mobs corner Republicans in elevators and show up at their homes.

We’ve seen a Democratic activist physically assault Senator Rand Paul leaving him with 6 broken ribs.

We’ve seen a leftist radical attempt to massacre a group of Republicans leaving Representative Steve Scalise near death.

We heard Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, state, when they go low “we kick them.”

We heard Senator Mazie Hirono demand that all men just “shut up.”

We heard Representative Maxine Waters and Senator Corey Booker insist their supporters get in the face of Republicans whenever and wherever they’re seen.

And we heard Hillary Clinton proclaim that when Democrats regain power “civility can start again.”

The Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by far left radicals who hate America and the freedoms she provides. It is no longer a question of if, but rather a question of when will someone be killed at the hands of these hateful mobs.

Check out Nancy Pelosi and an Antifa terrorist from the progressive city of Portland, OR. Anti-American behavior like this should have reasonable Democrats outraged.

Jeff Longo

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