The Midterm Election as I See It and Don’t miss the video at the end, it will make your day!

There is a great deal of nervousness and trepidation on the eve of our midterm election; indeed, I too resemble that remark.  However, it is worthwhile to remind ourselves of the strategy behind the pre-programmed, institutional, opposition.

On the day after the 2016 election, beyond the sense of victory, there was an important aspect that needed to be highlighted. [Written Here]

The media, writ large, are not engaged within the body politic as some detached neutral observer; exactly the opposite is true.

Institutionally the media are as cunning and Machiavellian as any modern assembly.

Modern media polling; or early voter analysis, and the outlined opinions of selected stats in a myriad of unidirectional narratives; are exactly akin to lobbyist groups. Loosely defined “lobbying” is: “the act of attempting to influence the actions, policies, or decisions of others.”  Doesn’t that definition also eerily describe modern media?

Lobbyists are professionals at presenting information shaped for their special interests, and intended to influence your opinion of their issue.  Indeed, with volumes of citations and specific examples to evidence the analogy, there is no difference between what the corporate media sells as their ‘electoral truth’ and any lobbying group trying to sway your opinion or decision.

Corporate media and corporate lobbyists both have a strategy; both have an intention to influence; both have a long-term and short-term strategy to support their intention to influence.

It can be overwhelming to be bombarded by the structured influence messages intended to generate an outcome that is antithetical to your personal viewpoint.  Conversely, if your views are represented by the lobbyists, their efforts represent an affirmation.  However, it is important to note the goals of the media lobbying efforts are not in-and-of-themselves a reflection of reality.  Their efforts are an intention to create reality through an outcome delivered by their influence.

In the final days before this midterm, just as we saw in the final 48 hours prior to the 2016 general election, the level of directed influence lobbying by media is astounding.  But again, as the outcome of the 2016 election showed, this influence effort is not reality.

There are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake in these ‘big picture’ lobbying efforts.

One media/lobbying strategy is to keep people with particular views from voting; to suppress the voting:

Another media/lobbying strategy includes their effort to motivate people with an aligned view to increase voting.

The important part to remember is that all media presentations are trying to do one of these two things: (1) lower opposition voting; and (2) increase supportive voting.

When saying “all media presentations”, I do mean everything (every structured espousal) is part of an agenda-driven from the top of the corporate media empire, remember that.

Inoculate yourself !!


NO, I mean it….  WATCH:

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