The Predictable Midterm Election Day Media Narrative Operation….

Based on an overlay of how the media narrated the November 2016 presidential election; and accepting an exponential doubling-down for their midterm election effort; we can forecast how the media will push a midterm narrative to bolster their overall efforts.

Starting around mid-day tomorrow the corporate media (majority left-wing) will draw attention to pre-selected races they are confident will turn from Republican to Democrat control.  The goal of this media effort will be to aid a surging ‘Democrat wave’; and, as a consequence, attempt to influence the mid-west and western state turnout.

Example: As soon as polls close on the east coast; those selected race outcomes will be used to push and deepen the disenfranchisement narrative.  Republican redistricted seats like Dave Brat (Virginia CD-07), with Democrat governors (Ralph Northam), are targets for use in advancing the narrative.   Should Brat lose to his Democrat challenger Abigail Spanberger, the media will use the example to push the ‘Democrat Wave’ headline, forecasting doom for the GOP House majority.  This is how the media operates.

Close races all along the east coast states will be used as examples to push a media story-line intended to suppress mid-west/western state republican voters from going to the polls; even though there are several hours of voting still available.

Additionally, close eastern time-zone senate/governor races will also be used for these purposes.  The goal will be to diminish turnout in states where polls are still open.

Any election outcome that does not that align with this narrative will be down-played.  If there are strong republican election wins in the eastern time-zone (House, Senate or Governor) those races will not be called, and the results intentionally held back.  This is how a specific narrative is framed.

These insufferable efforts were visible in the 2016 presidential election (Trump v. Clinton), and can be predicted to be deployed again in the midterm, this time with stronger intensity.   Media “exit polling” is always used to advance a narrative; lift their allied candidates and diminish any victory by their political opposition.  Remember, most media are glorified corporate lobbyists for ideological intents and purposes.

As the evening progresses, and more state polls close, any race that supports the Democrat ideology will be emphasized.  Any race or victory that does not advance the agenda will be downplayed and/or ignored completely.

To avoid falling into the trap, everyone should ignore all ‘exit polling’ and continue to vote regardless of the inbound barrage of structured disinformation from media.

If you live toward the western U.S., or in a time-zone that is hours behind eastern time, it is critical you continue to turn out to vote regardless of what you hear pushed through the media.  There are dozens of key races that will come down to a few hundred votes.  Make sure your voice is counted.

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