Jeff Sessions Resignation…

Here is Attorney General Jeff Sessions letter of resignation as released from the executive:

Some have noted the letter of resignation is undated.  The likely reason is not complex; it was written prior to the official request from the office of the president.  Once requested it was delivered. Given the rift between the AG and the president, Jeff Sessions knew his days were numbered.

So what does this mean?

First, we cannot discuss the firing of the Attorney General without directly dealing with the 800lb gorilla in the room.

There was no “trust the plan” to confront the deep state that involved “trust Sessions.”

There was no multidimensional chess strategy being coordinated between President Trump and the Attorney General, to upend the DC deep state.

That brings us forward to the issues around this “Q phenomena”:

There is no effort to use U.S. Attorney John Huber to confront the deep state apparatus; there are not 60,000 sealed indictments (or whatever number currently being used); there’s not an intention to use military tribunals to round up swaths of people for prosecution; there’s no plan to use Guantanamo Bay to house them; there are not going to be tribunals resulting in mass executions by recently approved firing squads in Utah; U.S. Attorney Huber does not have an army of “500 prosecutors” preparing to drop the hammer on DC…. and finally, NO, President Trump doesn’t go into some mysterious internet chat room to type up coded messages and instructions under the nom de plume “Q”.   All of that is pure unmitigated nonsense, yet thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, actually believe it.

There is a pending and slightly-possible DOJ case against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that U.S. Attorney John Huber may be in charge of.  There may be ancillary subjects, specifically related to McCabe, that may also have legal jeopardy.  That’s it. Nothing more.

No, Jeff Sessions getting fired (requested resignation) today is not part of some grand plot to expose the Deep State; where Sessions role has ended and someone else now takes over.

Anyone who would make such a claim, in general terms, comes from the same small group who need to sell the original “Stealth Jeff”, “Slow Walker”, “Trust the Plan” fan fiction they have been theorizing for the past year.  When the central element of their theory collapses, they either: (A) admit they are wrong; or (B) as in recent examples, reconcile the contradictory events by overlaying another bizarre layer to the theory to continue selling the nonsense, move the goalposts, and make the bizarre theory even more convoluted. Sadly, the latter approach is visible today.

Bill Mitchell

The logical and intellectual reality is that President Trump has wanted to declassify documents requested by congress (House of Representatives) that would show the corrupt activity within the FBI and DOJ surrounding the 2016 election.  DAG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller do not want those documents released.  There has been a conflict between the differing sets of interests and priorities.  What happens in this lame-duck congressional session around this issue is an unknown.

It appears Mueller has informed Rosenstein that any declassification would be considered interference/obstruction with his investigation.  Rosenstein has communicated that threat to President Trump.

What happens next is politics; however, Democrats take control in January and will exploit any lame-duck executive action as part of their own obstruction investigation – which will likely kick off with their reception of the investigative report from Mueller.   Given the outcome of the midterms, the timing of that report will likely be to wait until Democrats are in charge of the investigative committees.

With the midterm election now over; and with the house going to change hands; Inspector General Michael Horowitz also has a friendly date to deliver his FISA investigation results; after the new congress is in place.  A much more soft landing.

At least, that’s the way it seems.

The next set of political moves will be President Trump’s effort to thwart their plan.



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