Adverse Interests – The Danger Within the “Q Phenomena’s” Current Messaging…

Let me start by saying I mean no disrespect to those individuals who enjoy the riddles posted by an unknown entity who writes under the nom de plume “Q”.  However, the time has come where aspects within the well promoted “Q narrative” are now a risk and must be addressed.  Please bear with me….

The baseline – In the aggregate the “Q narrative” has been: there’s a coordinated effort by President Trump and officials to expose, and confront, corrupt entities within the “deep state.”  The essential element within the narrative, as pushed by the “Q” entity, is that President Trump is aware of, and coordinating, some larger plan.

Hopefully that brief baseline summary is not controversial, and most would agree that’s been the structural and purposeful intent of the overall message.

Structurally, and factually, this claim is false.  However, that’s not the problem. Within this theory, that seems to have garnered a considerable following, there is now a danger to the office of the president; and however well-intentioned the theory initially might have been, it urgently needs to stop being spread.

As you have seen recently, yesterday, President Trump is forcefully repeating that he has not had any contact with current Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.  Part of the reason President Trump has to do this is because this false narrative, the “Q Theory”, has been drum-beaten by well-intentioned supporters.  Many of those supporters, genuinely good people, have believed this coordinated theory.  However, it is false.

Conversely, all of President Trump’s opposition is trying to attach President Trump to the actions and intents of his new Acting Attorney General. The false “Q” narrative helps them.

Currently the Trump opposition, writ large, would love nothing more than to frame the President over taking executive action that puts the Mueller investigation at risk; and thereby attaches him to some form of obstruction.  If people keep pushing the “Q theory” of President Trump orchestrating moves; that narrative is adverse to his actual interests.

That false narrative actually impedes Whitaker from diminishing Mueller as a sword of Damocles over the office of the president.

The opposition to the office of the president desire to have the office of Attorney General in a position of compromise, and subsequent recusal.  This was the reason why there was such a push by that same opposition to force the recusal of AG Jeff Sessions; whereby the DOJ is then hamstrung in the ability of the AG to defend the executive.

So long as opposition can rely on, and manipulate, embed (and likely corrupt) DOJ and FBI officials toward their goals, things are in their favor.  If the opposition can no longer work around the AG, their efforts at removing President Trump are more difficult.

If the AAG is both: (A) independent from the White House; and (B) simultaneously looking out for the genuine interests of the executive [note: not mutually exclusive] and confronting historic corrupt behavior, those within the entrenched DC system have a much harder time trying to frame the President out of office.

President Trump’s political and administrative opposition didn’t care about the “Q narrative” (which is false), because it was of no consequence for a bunch of people to mistakenly think that President Trump and Jeff Sessions were coordinating (they weren’t) an effort against the deep state (never happening) while they had the AG recused.  However, with a fully empowered AG that same message (which is false) will be leveraged to oppose any adverse action by Matthew Whitaker; and demand his recusal.

Can you see how the dynamic shifts?

Does that make sense?

This is how the “Q Narrative” now becomes a liability.

I’ve not been confrontational to the game of the “Q riddles” until recently.  To each his own; and most of the stuff is harmless and the community seems to have fun with it. However, once I saw what was predictably going to happen; and strongly sensing Sessions was about to get dispatched; and against a mountain of research, and suspicions, I have gone through about a genuine network of information; I saw the warning signs and began trying to stop the spread of the “Q” virus – at least on this website.

So my message to those loosely connected/tenuously labeled, “former intelligence officials”, ie. those behind the Q message board, is to please stop with the “trust the plan” stuff.

If you need to modify the messaging because you are financially dependent on keeping the game alive, then so be it…. Same request applies to the downstream benefactors… But please modify the narrative to a more factual and substantive one.

[If it helps, soon there will be a reality-based origin for you to modify the riddles]

The key point here is for all of you to please stop pushing a narrative that President Trump is somehow coordinating or influencing an investigative or confrontational outcome.  He isn’t; he never has been; and he will not be in the future.  However, that narrative, false though it always has been, is now a genuine problem.   I am making this request politely and hopefully you can digest the problem as the landscape has changed.

President Trump is spending an inordinate amount of time reaffirming the reality that he has no connection to anything AG Matthew Whitaker has done in the past; or might do in the future.

If “Q riddle originators” and “Q riddle followers” keep pushing this “trust the plan” narrative, in any form – but specifically as it relates to the involvement of the President (which is false), you will actually be hurting the administration; and the larger goal of those who are factually trying to work internally within the corrupt systems to bring the needed change within the institutions.

President Trump will need to confirm a new U.S. Attorney General (Sessions replacement) and likely a new DAG (Rosenstein replacement), as well as a new FBI Director and Deputy in the near future (Wray and Bowditch).  All of them have been Mueller enablers [see here] And, with the FL and AZ senate race results tenuous, there may be a diminishing margin for controversy (aggressive, actual swamp draining candidates) in the nomination process.

Please, and thank you.

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