Media List of Names Under Consideration For Attorney General….

With Jeff Sessions now removed, the question becomes who will be the next person selected by President Trump to lead the institutionally corrupt U.S. Department of Justice.

With the loss of the House of Representatives to the arch-enemies of the President; and with the predictable likelihood of resistance investigations starting almost immediately in January; the next AG nominee is perhaps the most important cabinet choice in the second half of President Trump’s first term in office.

The upcoming 2019 siege of the White House will be record-breaking in anger, incivility, rage, activist-driven political violence, Machiavellian schemes, death threats against cabinet officials, increased Antifa activity, and media assaults.  The next AG faces the full weaponized deployment of well-planned DC swamp attacks.

That said, the series of names currently being promoted includes:

♦Former NJ Governor Chris Christie
♦Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani
♦Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
♦Former Kansas SoS Kris Kobach
♦Congressman John Ratcliffe [(R-TX) possible frontrunner]
♦Florida AG Pam Bondi
♦Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC)
♦Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar
♦Former U.S. Attorney SDNY Andrew McCarthy

According to multiple media reports, citing close White House officials, the key advisor to President Trump, on this important decision, is Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

[Anyone else picturing a possible set-up here?]

Here’s my review of the current names and situation therein.

♦Trump cannot pick Christie or Giuliani because  the Mueller investigation is, by design, not over – and there’s no end in sight.  Christie and Giuliani would face the identical recusal issues as Jeff Sessions for exactly the same reason.  Both are shrewd enough to withstand the firestorm; but both were also on the 2016 election campaign – just like the elf on the shelf.  However, likely for this very reason, they are the two being pushed by the media and democrats.

♦Given the history of Scott Walker and his relationship to big GOPe he would be a Never Trump pick.  Predictably, in his off hours, Walker would fly down to the border wall with his staff and personally use pick-axes to tear it down.  Walker, might not be Brutus, but he would polish the spear, drive Brutus to the White House and keep watch while the deed is done.  His ability to look in both directions simultaneously does have benefits.

♦In a similar vein, Trey Gowdy would be even worse than Walker.  Dear God, can you even imagine the chaos?…  Democrats wouldn’t need a Trojan Horse, roosterhead would hold the door open while singing Muellers praises and personally ordering every member of the Trump family, and administration, to be on 24/7 mattress tag surveillance.  Purple-tied Gowdy would likely hire Peter Strzok as his deputy. Um… no!

♦Next up, Pam Bondi – the BFF of Benjamin Crump and most ineffective politically correct AG in the history of Florida.  If you want to know if me-me-me Bondi would bow-down under pressure; you need to look no further than her decision-making in the Zimmerman case.  How’s that Broward County election accountability working out?  Nuf said.

♦HHS Secretary Alex Azar doesn’t want the job.  Thankfully, Mr. Bean takes a pass.

♦If the AG job required writing 3,000 word daily essays to defend the administration from the legions knocking down the gates; and then standing atop a gilded podium talking to them with the intention of boring them into submission with articulate prose… Andrew McCarthy would be ideal.  Otherwise, well, not-so-much.

♦That leaves John Ratcliffe and Kris Kobach.  Ratcliffe is generally unflappable and knows the likely force of the alliance against him. Actually, Kobach and Ratcliffe both know what’s coming.  Could Kris Kobach pass confirmation? Likely yes; however, he would be fuel for the resistance horde.  That’s probably why John Ratcliffe is the frontrunner.

The success or failure of this person, whoever President Trump picks, will strongly influence: (A) his decision on running for re-election in 2020; and (B) the likelihood of success in the 2020 election.

Given the DOJ history and ‘in-your-face‘ evidence over the past two years, if the next AG can’t or won’t deal with the institutional corruption that has fully metastasized within the Department of Justice, President Trump’s support could erode quickly.

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