High Energy – Upbeat Interview: President Trump Anticipates Good Things Ahead…

very upbeat President Donald Trump calls in for an interview with Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss latest political events. Topics include: the immigration and border control crisis; democrat legislative intransigence; current -high priority- trade negotiations that are coming together; and the issues surrounding the last New York Times hit piece involving the DOJ and FBI.

On the issue of trade President Trump outlines his direct involvement in constructing the underlying details, that portends to very good outcomes. The economy is humming along; the “strongest economy in the world.”

Additionally, as President Trump discussing and corruption within the DOJ and FBI, President Trump seems to tease upcoming events: “You’ll be surprised at the names of people involved in the corruption”, the president said. Continuing with: “names you haven’t heard yet.”

The positive energy within this interview will send the media bananas.

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