The People’s POTUS….

We interrupt our worries and fret-filled daily programming for a brief respite.

Remember when President Trump had the boys and girls Little League champs at the White House last week?…

~ click the pics to enlarge ~

There’s a whole lot of fun happening there….

Come to think of it, President Trump has a remarkable ability to focus on the big picture amid circumstances that would likely overwhelm most people.   His ability to live in the moment and compartmentalize challenges is a very significant strength.

It would be challenging for anyone to face complex global issues and geopolitics, while simultaneously battling domestic political adversaries…. let alone, stop mid-day and give 100% of your attentive self to celebrate with a group of kids and ensure they understood how valuable and important they are….  Yup, President Donald Trump can do that.

Moments later, back to the ‘complicated business‘.

~ Again, click to enlarge ~

Somewhere deep in the locked recesses of Pelosi, Schumer and crew; in a place they would never admit; I’ll bet you a donut they admire and respect a scale of fortitude and focus they have never seen before. Even through the hate and opposition, the gnats must wonder how come they cannot put a visible dent in this President’s focus and resolve…

Something special.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled fake-news crisis du jour.

Day #999 continues…

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