Comrade Cuomo Reminds Good Citizens To Comply With Big Tech Health Surveillance…

Comrades, when we transmitted the original warning on April 11th, and then again on April 12th, we were met with scorn and derision.  ‘They would never‘, they said…

Ah, but they did.

Comrade Andrew Cuomo now deploys the exact COVID compliance strategy we warned would be weaponized in the interest of the state. [Tweet Link]

This is very much not a spoof, and you won’t like what follows when you answer the phone only to discover you have been identified by contact tracers as a potential carrier.

Comrade Cuomo is not happy with non-compliant citizens refusing to adjust their wrongful thinking to benefit the needs of our new state. During these stressful times thought, without regard for collective need, is an indication a citizen may be a subversive. Please report subversives to the Ministry of COVID Compliance, so they too may be blocked from the benefits of the new union; and encouraged with enhanced support.

OUR PRIOR WARNING – If non-compliant behavior continues due to some pre-conceived notion of liberty; or if wrong-thoughts continue to be expressed; it may become necessary for the Ministry to deduct 200 credits from your social compliance score. Please do not put the Ministry in the position of having to make such decisions. Compliance is in your best interest.

State influence agent, Comrade Cuomo, helps to correct wrong-thinking. The state will never force you to share your health records. Only if you wish to remove yourself from voluntary home confinement, access rights, and unlock your social privileges, will you be encouraged to join a health registry via your voluntary cell phone/transponder provider.

The Ministry would never force your compliance comrade. You may choose to remain external to the Federated United State System (FUSS). You may also choose not to participate in the employment network, state services, access to civil transit, large entertainment gatherings, parks and restaurants. Nothing is mandated. Relax comrades, the Ministry is sensitive to your previous rights as we initiate our new, safer, society.

The COVID Compliance Ministry appreciates good citizens who voluntarily participate in the registry. We reward good citizenship status with enhanced credits allowing access to a safe COVID Compliant Society. A safer society; where odds will always be in their favor.

Would it not be preferable in the new regime to have an alert on your phone warning you of your proximity to a non-compliant, possibly infected, citizen?

A rogue citizen could put a compliant society at risk of infection. They may not just carry biologics they could carry a more alarming virus of wrong-thought against the interests of the state. Rogue citizens would be subversive to our new society.

Surely all good citizens would agree with Comrade Adams; there must be an emergency alert of some form identifying the larger audience to these subversive public enemies so we could respond accordingly. The infrastructure is already established. Society is familiar with “Amber Alerts”, this would be a slight modification to avoid viral spread.

Relax, it’s going to be lots of fun Comrades. Perhaps we just start with digital armbands, certifications within your portable transponder unit, to compliment our mandatory face masks. Each state could create their designated digital stamps for your COVID ID.

Traveling will be so much fun, we can collect the whole set. “Achtung Juden – New York”, “Juden Raus – California”, and the larger federal “Enemy of the People”, designation.

Social Distancing or House Arrest…. Details, comrades,… details.

I’d be very interested in how Comrade Scott Adams now positions himself after previously promoting exactly this type of surveillance state.  Apparently, freedom is so overrated.

I mean what could possibly go wrong with a merging of Big Tech and government control of society? Would it not be preferable in the new regime to have an alert on your phone warning you of your proximity to a non-compliant citizen?

As you can see, it has come to pass.

Good luck.

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