Smile and Breathe When You Wear a Mask

In this false sense of security atmosphere driven to new hysterical heights by the media, let us wear the masks indefinitely until daddy government tells us to stop

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 16, 2020

Smile and Breathe When You Wear a Mask

Asmile can bring momentary sunshine in someone’s cloudy day. But, if you are wearing a mask, can you see the smile? Can you see the humanity behind the scared and sideways-darting eyes?

Perhaps the eyes express the irrational fear of death, the fear of physical contact. The human marionettes avoid physical contact, going out of their way to avoid other people, to the point of painful walking into thorny bushes and cactuses to prevent any possible proximity to other “infectious” and life-ending humans.

What happened to our civilization?

What happened to our civilization? Why are formerly normal people yelling “Stay away from me,” “Don’t come near me,” “Where is your mask, “You are violating my civil rights,” “You are endangering my health,” etc. If you are wearing a mask and your mask works, why do you care if someone else is not? Where are their civil rights to breathe oxygen and not get headaches or pass out?

What happened to saying hello and smiling at a perfect stranger or to a customer? What happened to being polite and opening a door for someone instead of running away as if they have a body-snatching virus which is going to melt you away from existence if you just come too close to another human being?

Executive orders, “four months of state and local government malfeasance,” have turned the entire population into a mob of panicked and frightened Nazi maskers, aided and abetted by out of control businesses who refuse to serve customers who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.

Recently, a federal building’s security booth in D.C. was checking I.D.s for those entering a secure facility yet nobody removed their masks. I suppose they were checking for expiration dates on those I.D.s because nobody could tell who the persons were behind the large masks covering faces and important features. What an opportunity for terrorists to force their way into a government building and cause destruction!

Masked people are curt and rude to everyone they encounter. Doctors and nurses treat their patients with a total lack of interest and respect as if patients are an inconvenience they must tolerate.

Surgical masks are made to be used in a sterile environment, not on the street, store, or at the mall

Pharmacists yell at customers if they dare to cross over an inch over the clearly marked and numerous yellow lines and demarcations of six feet.  Busybodies remind total strangers to cover their noses lest the mask wearing is worthless.

Who decided that six feet was the magical number of separations to avoid the flu? Why not 3 or 9 feet? And is “social distancing” a medical term and yard stick to measure the health or illness of a person? Were you “social distancing” when you had an asthma attack?

People look miserable, fashionably stupid, or politically insulting with their masks on everywhere, sweating and having a hard time breathing properly.

Stores refuse service to people who have asthma and other respiratory issues and cannot get enough oxygen with a mask.  Employees with a mandate to exert their draconian power lord over customers with an iron fist made of cheap cloth that lets all viruses fly through – “no shopping for you, leave our store immediately, “ you typhoid Mary you.

Surgical masks are made to be used in a sterile environment, not on the street, store, or at the mall. They must be replaced after 20 minutes of use and should not be reused. They allegedly trap bacteria and some allergens.

Dr. Fauci told us masks were useless against viruses but another time that they were helpful in preventing viral spread.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) could not make up their minds either

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) could not make up their minds either. They recommended that masks should be worn only if we are ill and caring for a sick family member. or Another time W.H.O. recommended that the public should wear a mask.  With so much mass confusion and for my own breathing benefit , I decided to get fresh air and sunshine on my face without a mask.

Thousands of medical doctors have advised not to wear the masks as they are not effective and can be harmful to the wearer, but the advice fell on deaf ears. Apparently non-stop “medical” advice from the media on the alphabet soup channels is more valuable than gold – they graduated from the “medical school” of journalism.

People who use beta blockers (receptors Beta-1 and Beta-2 are present in heart, eye, kidneys, lungs, GI tract, uterus, blood vessels, and skeletal muscles) know that such drugs block the beta cells in the heart but are not so discriminating that they ONLY block the beta cells in the heart, they also block beta cells in the lungs, often causing the patient to have decreased lung capacity. With a diminished lung capacity, such patients cannot breathe in adequate levels of oxygen resulting in headaches, dizziness, fainting, and other problems.  In the case of these patients, wearing a mask further exacerbates the problem. Some passed out while driving, walking, working, or shopping.

Daniel Bobinski explains the “mask fiasco” and the contradictory advice thus: “Neither CDC nor the W.H.O. suggest any Covid outpatient treatments. In other words, these agencies have zero suggested treatments for Covid UNTIL an infected person lands in the hospital.”  Doctors who follow the CDC guidelines tell their patients to self-isolate for 14 days if sick.

Why the mandate by governors and mayors to wear masks months after the first infection with Covid in the U.S.?

New England Journal of Medicine said, “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any protection from infection.”

One study in Clinical Infectious Diseases of December 2017 said, “Our analysis confirms the effectiveness of medical masks and respirators against SARS. Disposable, cotton, or paper masks are not recommended.”

Why the mandate by governors and mayors to wear masks months after the first infection with Covid in the U.S.? If the virus has spread so rapidly as the experts claimed, has much of the population not been already exposed to it?

It all has to do with mass psychology and hysteria driven by the non-stop mainstream media PSAs – make people believe that non-wearers are evil and spreading the disease hence the attacks in public; obey the all-knowing government and you will magically be protected; and wait for the expensive vaccine as the ONLY cure. This vaccine may or may not work and may have potentially dangerous side-effects. The fact that we already have a reported relatively cheap cure with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc, is irrelevant.

In this false sense of security atmosphere driven to new hysterical heights by the media, let us wear the masks indefinitely until daddy government tells us to stop. In the meantime, the economy suffers across the board and more and more businesses are declaring bankruptcy. People are afraid to go back to work or are unwilling to work as the unemployment and the stimulus checks give them more income than they could make working.

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