Emaskulate! Or, Die!

We will not escape the culture war so we must pick a side. Our choices are, burn the masks, and cancel Fake News, or wear them and cancel freedom

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 20, 2020

Emaskulate! Or, Die!

A mask with pores or gaps bigger than the virus is like a condom with perforations bigger than the ‘boys’.”

“Conclusion: Wearing masks will not reduce SARS-CoV-2.” So says the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons who produced substantial evidence to support that conclusion.

So, there is no benefit to wearing masks if they fail to prevent the spread of the virus. None, which not only suggests the need for masks is Fake News, but that the best possible outcome for wearing them would be benign. That means everything “not the best” will influence society in some negative way. Unfortunately, the cumulative net impact of mask wearing will be the sum total of all the negative “not the best” events.

Not The Best Events

Masks reduce the amount of air breathed in, putting people at risk of hypoxia. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypoxia_(medical)] At minimum, a lack of oxygen produces physiological stresses that weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible to viruses. Social costs include needless fears of the unmasked, uncivil discourse, the loss of one’s freedom to choose, and financial ruin.

Yes, mask wearing will make matters worse. Of course, the media and politicians will cite that degradation as evidence proving the need for more masks/shutdowns/lockdowns, placing us in a perpetual cycle of failure and, coincidentally, establishing permanent political power.

The Truth Of Fake News

It’s obvious that refusing to wear a perforated face condom has zero to do with “public safety”, so why are we being coerced into harming ourselves by wearing them?

It’s quite simple. The primary goal of Fake News is to set, and then sustain, Fake Beliefs that serve an ideological agenda. A society acting on those beliefs will automatically advance that agenda even if that agenda is harmful to society itself.

Rest assured, the inability of masks to stop viruses is well known by both Fake News providers and the government, so, if masks aren’t about public safety, what is the point of forcing them on people?

The true purpose of masks is the legitimization of the original, delusional COVID Fake Beliefs, which are then used to justify draconian political actions. Masks tell our rulers that, yes, it was OK to shut down schools and businesses. We agree with quarantining the healthy and shutting down parks. It’s OK for large corporations to corral aged customers outside for extended periods on cold, rainy, days. It’s OK to strip us of freedoms and destroy our way of life. And, most importantly, masks say it will be OK next time too.

Mask wearers, while believing they are doing what’s right, are actually vindicating the ongoing tyrannical destruction of liberty and freedom. Mask wearing compliance doesn’t reflect weakness, it reflects Fake Belief acceptance. Refusing to wear a mask, then, tells the Fake News ruling class who the COVID deniers are, and as the highly politicized OPP proved in Minden, Ontario, dissent will not be tolerated!

A Politicized Police Force is a Corrupt Police Force

A politicized police force is one whose purpose is to protect ideas, ideology, and those who agree with them from being challenged. The moment this happens is the moment the police no longer serve to protect people and instead serve an ideologically corrupt ruling class.

Canada’s police force became politicized long ago. Examples include the OPP standing aside in Caledonia to let the Mohawk “warriors” abuse Caledonians, allowing pipeline “protestors” to disrupt lives and the flow of goods and services, the “Peace” march in Calgary that resulted in the beating and assault of a Jewish woman and her children, the fining of people eating a muffin in the Tim Horton’s parking lot they bought it at, and the SWAT-styled, armed takedown of a Lethbridge woman walking the streets dressed as a Storm Trooper on “May The Force (Fourth) Be With You”.

The tragic killing of a 73-year-old man after an alleged altercation at a grocery story over mask compliance and endangering “public safety” as defined by COVID Fake News is one of the final pieces in tyranny’s puzzle. Law enforcement has crossed the Rubicon and now, dissent, not violent, abusive acts, is the new standard for the state sanctioned elimination of ideological opponents. What’s next, the shipping of Fake News deniers into re-education Gulags?

The Police, as much as we need them, are no longer on our team. They have been corrupted from the top down and need a complete overhaul to ensure their independence from ideological agendas. Otherwise, tyranny will face little resistance in its ceaseless march to power.  Sort of like right now.

Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated

Cancel culture is not a new phenomenon, it’s just gained strength to the point it can destroy lives, topple statues, and terrorize people with sanctioned impunity. At its root, cancel culture is simply the elimination of any opposition. It began silencing dissent in news, academia, and entertainment decades ago.

Cancel culture has moved quickly from silencing to ostracizing, then discrediting and destroying, fining and jailing, and now, thanks to the OPP, the killing of an old, cranky, cuss who refused to wear a damn face mask that could harm his immune system and make him more susceptible to viruses!

It doesn’t matter if COVID-19 is the weakest, wimpiest, pandemic in history, you will believe in its killing power or else! You will comply as expected. You will kneel as demanded. You will do as you’re told, when you’re told, as any “good” citizen would. You will OBEY, and you will demand the same from everyone else.

You will emaskulate, or, you will die.

Cancel Culture Is A Culture War Tactic

If a free country loses the culture war, what type of country will rise in its wake? Think about it. What would a “free” country gain from taking over another “free” country? The premise rejects entirely the notion of freedom.

Are you free to work, to go outside, to travel, to visit grandma, to attend school or church, to eat at a restaurant, to not wear a perforated condom on your face? What were once common freedoms are now benevolent gifts from a totalitarian ruling class, and we’re expected to be thankful for them.

We will not escape the culture war so we must pick a side. Our choices are, burn the masks, and cancel Fake News, or wear them and cancel freedom.

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