American Front Line Doctors DC July 27, 2020 News Briefing, Full Video

There are still some Americans that believe in telling the truth rather than framing everything through a bizarre political looking glass where everything is removed from reality. We are now living in Orwell’s 1984!

YouTube Has REMOVED this video from in front of the Supreme Court from Front Line Doctors several times since Monday but it continues to find way to appear anyway. Their website was also taken down. YouTube CNN MSNBC and Google, to name only a few, are calling it FAKE news because it challenges not just the WHO and Bill Gates but also the entire Democratic position against Trump, and the media itself which refuses to allow any contrary view.

The First amendment, freedom of speech, does not allow Google, You tube, CNN, Washington Post etc etc to deliberately censor news. This is becoming very persuasive and clearly is now a threat to National Security.


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