Gates & Fauci – Above the Law

The left media like the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN protect Fauci and have constantly come out against hydroxychloroquine. They insist we all must be vaccinated or be denied the right to freely move, hold a job, or travel. Fauci is working with Bill Gates; he and Gates talk all the time and are involved in this vaccine conspiracy, so naturally, Fauci will always reject any study of hydroxychloroquine.

Here is a clip of Gates publicly admitting he is in a partnership with Fauci to bring in vaccines. This is his ONLY solution and they will not listen to anything else. It is astonishing how US agencies are allowed to accept money and be taken over by private donors. The left media protect Fauci and Gates, and if Trump really does clean up the swamp, this is a good place to begin. However, the press will call this political and abuse of process. So Fauci and Gates get to mislead the people and are above the law.

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