A MIRACLE DRUG: Take it, You Will Not Get SARS Cov-2!

IVERMECTIN: PROTOCOLS now include ALL treatment, including late treatment

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Andrew G. Benjamin —— Bio and ArchivesDecember 9, 2020

AFTER OVER 30 VETTED STUDIES, A LARGE GROUP OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS agree with Dr. Pierre Kory, a lung and ICU specialist: A repurposed antiviral and anti-inflammatory drug obliterates the virus. Korey is well known for his promoting the early use of antiinflammatory corticoids for treating SARS-Cov2 now in common use.

Here’s Dr. Kory’s testimony to Congress:

Kory is an Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center. 

He is urging the NIH to immediately examine the data and they and the FDA fast track the approval of this now-common drug for widespread use.

You can do the same by Twitter, phone or mail, by clicking the blue link above.

The compound is effective not only as a prophylaxis, but if you took it, you will not likely get Covid. Led by the leading researcher into the drug in Argentina, doctors prophylaxed 800 health care workers, and not a single one contracted Covid. Of 400 other health care workers who were not prophylaxed with the drug, 58% contracted the virus. 

Four randomized trials of over 1,500 patients showed massive Covid counter effects. Even for critical patients these doctors assert, the recovery is much faster and the mortality rate is much lower. Right at this moment all we know is, it is a well-known commonly-available repurposed drug that is now under peer review.

There is no time for that or to deliberate,  folks. At this critical juncture one has to take the word of professionals on the front lines who are treating Covid patients with the drug and are about 100% successful doing it. What America’s leaders must not repeat, given the record of their past behavior concerning HCQ, is to await big pharma’s well-paid lobbyists to gather in the hallways of Congress hyping their own ineffective solutions at high prices, while convincing and paying off politicians to prevent the use of what is now proven to safe life.

There are a hundred thousand patients dying—this news needs to be gotten out and amplified.

Remember this on-the-record fact: Dr. Anthony Fauci & Company have been dead wrong in their cavallier early warning January 21. 

Fauci and others, including Nancy Pelosi a month later, were telling people that Covid is “not a major threat to the people of the United States.” This same crew with other corrupt and cynical politicians and their talking heads at CNN/MSDNC were wrong on early distancing and mask advice. They were critically and diabolically wrong about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine/Z-Pac/Zinc Sulfate, just to make specious political points and get one over the president. Damn the consequences. The fact is, the latest studies show that the HCQ combo is 84% effective in early treatment and as a preventative. The malevolent media and their politicians were wrong on just about everything having to do with the virus. 

Meanwhile the same Democrats—the Usual Suspects—pummeled Donald Trump daily to “listen to the experts.” 

He did exactly that. That is the problem. 

Instead, the experts should have been listening to Donald Trump, Andrew G. Benjamin, and Canada Free Press.

COVID-19 outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study

Published December 6th, based on the research of Hassidic upstate New York doctor Vladimir Zelenko.

• Why Dr. Vladimir Zelenko staked his reputation on hydroxychloroquine

• Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Henry Ford Health System Results May 27, 2020 – “Of 2,541 patients, with a median total hospitalization time of 6 days (IQR: 4–10 days), median age was 64 years (IQR:53–76 years), 51% male, 56% African American, with median time to follow-up of 28.5 days (IQR:3–53). Overall in-hospital mortality was 18.1% (95% CI:16.6%–19.7%). “

Henry Ford’s May 2020 study showing 82% effectiveness lines up nicely with the latest vetted studies that proved 84% effectiveness for HCQ/Z-Pac/Zinc results.

• On the Treatment of Covid-19

Meanwhile, with the  political left’s attempt to diminish and demonize anything the president tried to do to save American lives, to get their candidate to replace this good man, GOOGLE and FACEBOOK redirected or deplatfomed inquiry into the effectiveness of the first drug, and it is not beyond them to do similar to the subject drug detailed in this article. In July as the issue heated up and many more patients died, Twittercensored a videothat showed a group of doctors pleading with authorities to review HCQ, which these front line doctors found was dramatically effective in reducing mortality. GOOGLE’s You Tube blacked their voices out.

On record we have the Democrat Party’s and their in-pocket media’s venomous politicized hype and demonization of the safe drug HCQ; all the president’s detractors in media, academe, and the culture, along with the collusion of the contemptuous political class, all of whom are responsible for the widespread mortality rate in the United States. 

They are the Democrats, and not the president, who have the blood of over 200,000 Americans on their hands!

We predicted it at CANADA FREE PRESS-in April!:

When we spent time in Europe last July while placed in mandatory quarantine ourselves after our arrival, I found out about a “repurposed” drug cited here from SWISS POLICY RESEARCH, which I had sent out to interested parties at the time. However, I was not wholly aware of, among other protocols, this particular drug’s miraculous capabilities. Of course, if the reader plans to go any route to treat Covid, he should first check with his own doctors. CFP is not a medical publication.

The Bottom Line: 

It is not just that the drug allegedly “cured” SARS Cov-2 in infected patients. 

If you took this drug, assert this group of top medical professionals, you will not get Covid. 

End of story.

The drug has already won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for its then-known eradication of parasitic disease.

It has been vetted in widespread use, just like HCQ/Z-Pac/Zinc Sulphate has been determined the safest among common drugs – contrary to the hype against it.

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