Germany First, Angela Merkel Orders 30 Million Doses of Pfizer Vaccine Outside EU Agreement

Posted originally on The Conservative tree House on December 28, 2020 by Sundance

The one constant in an ever-changing universe is the hypocrisy within the positions of the left-wing ideology.

In an earlier reference, Germany demanded the EU stay united in the Paris Climate Treaty until President Trump withdrew; then, immediately Germany went solo and said they would not adhere to the communal climate dictates they previously demanded.

In the most recent example Angela Merkel goes rogue and orders 30 million doses of COVID vaccine from  pharmaceutical company Pfizer.  Outside the EU plan for their collective distribution.

“It is known that Germany has placed an order for 30 million doses of the anti-Covid vaccine, bilaterally, with Pfizer and BioNtech”, which will add to the quota of 55.8 million destined for the country. in the distribution of the 300 million doses ordered by the European Union

The spokesman for the German health ministry, Jens Spahn, said in response to a question during the government press conference in Berlin. (link)

Ultimately, each leader should act according to their own nations’ best interests; that’s the essential underpinning of nationalism.  However, it is a little beyond hypocritical for Germany to lead the collectivist argument while selectively picking and choosing which of those “greater good” demands they individually choose to adhere to.  I digress…

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