pResident Marbles Says: “You might be able to celebrate Fourth of July”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 11, 2021 | Sundance | 143 Comments

This is too funny…. Does pResident Marbles, the guy who occupies a bedroom in the White House, actually believe people didn’t celebrate the July Fourth holiday last year?  Does he really think people are not gathering together right now for parties, celebrations and events?   What nonsense is pResident Marbles talking about?

Good grief, if the people around him have talked him into believing this reality, what the heck else does he believe?

The vast majority of individual Americans have moved beyond the big con job known as COVID-19.  The only remaining vestiges of it are held by organizations, institutions, corporate locales and government offices.  On an individual basis the American people are back to normal; it is only when we engage with an organization, institution, company or corporation that we have to adhere to dictates, rules and ridiculous requests.

There ain’t a person in my orbit, or any orbit of anyone I know, who is doing anything like what pResident Marbles is describing.  Yet somehow, somewhere in the rooms of advisors to the White House, there must be people who believe in Oz…  But we ain’t there, Toto.

Too funny.

He might not have lost all his marbles, but there’s a big hole in the bag….

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