Lawsuits Filed Against Vaccines in International Criminal Court

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Mar 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hello Marty,

I hope you are well and staying very healthy!

Here is a link related to ongoing deaths from this “gene therapy” spun as a vaccine.
My father-in-law died last Thursday, two days short of 8.6 weeks after receiving his second dose of covid 19 vacciness. I begged and pleaded with my husband’s family not to inject him with this vaccine but my voice was drowned out by personal feelings/belief and reasonings. Additionally, from what I gather, most nursing homes require their residents to be injected. Families are in a very difficult situation when their loved ones are in a nursing home.

Take care and be well.

Karen H.

REPLY: I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I am getting a lot of emails where the elderly do not last more than a few weeks. I went to the dentist and there too, his father died within a week. The elderly are susceptible because they are in a weakened state. Lawsuits are filed in the international court because these vaccines have been given political clearance and have not gone through the normal testing cycle. This violates international law which was supposed to ban human testing, which the Nazis were engaging in. Fauci admitted they were given only an emergency approval. No other drug gets this fast-tracked. What they are doing is criminal.

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