Biden’s Low Bar Speech

Posted originally on APR 29, 2021 AT 10:17 AM

Look he’s still breathing! Greatest  President ever!

Joe Biden made a speech to a joint session of Congress yesterday. In his speech he said “Look!” a lot. I’m looking Joe, and I don’t like what you’re describing. 

For example, you want to create blue collar jobs by means of the New Green Deal, but you are destroying oil jobs to create those green jobs. Also, those new jobs you are supposedly creating depend on average working men trying to learn complex technology. Perhaps you’re more interested in creating a lot of Solyndra-like graft to benefit your cronies.

You talked about gun violence and compared it to an ‘epidemic.’ Your regime will apparently use medical tyranny as a pretense to grab our guns. Thanks for the heads up, but I will not take your vaccines, nor will I give up my firearms. Have you heard of ’Shall not be infringed?”

OH—but I almost forgot. You said you DO believe in infringing because nothing about our Constitution is ‘absolute.’ At least, according to you. So you can change everything as you see fit as well as pack the Supreme Court with Marxists and allowing the District of Columbia to become a state. You even uttered this cringeworthy statement:

Our Constitution opens with the words, “We the People”. It’s time we remembered that We the People are the government.

This is what you and your Socialist Democrat Party are about. You want more power and control over the people on a granular level. You The Government will tell Us The Slaves how things will be.

As for the scamdemic itself, you continue to push the need for dangerous and experimental vaccines as a solution for a virus with a 99.7 percent survivability rate. The fact that everyone attending wore masks when they had already been vaccinated only shows the uselessness of your precious jabs. It’s really about fear and control and you need to keep the slave mask-wearing people in a panic in order to shove more tyranny down their throats.

You again talked about raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. We used to have a free market, but now a big socialist government is going to determine how much pay a worker receives. The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage, but rather an entryway into the work force. Burger flipping jobs held by teenagers. Now they’ll most likely lose their jobs thanks to your control freak-ism disguised as government generosity. 

You said you’re going to raise taxes on corporations. You claim they need to ‘pay their fair share.’ What the corporations will do is pass the higher cost of doing business onto consumers. The little guy will pay for Joe’s taxes through higher consumer prices.

You’re calling the climate change malarky a ‘climate crisis’ now. This is how you will further destroy American jobs and usher in global socialism and control. Not buying it, Joe. If you care so much about the Earth, why didn’t you mention Fukushima? That’s the real crisis. Oh—almost forgot. No money to be made by the ruling elite who use you as a puppet. So let’s ignore lethal radiation getting dumped into the Pacific Ocean. You have those UN Agendas to fulfill instead. 

You said you have the backs of transgender people. Let’s talk about their fronts for a second. You claim to follow science, but a man simply can’t become a woman and vice versa. Sure, you can go along and help promote the delusion that it’s possible, but reality still says otherwise. It’s not science. Mutilation does not make a man into a woman—it only damages them.

C’mon man! Look. Your operatives stole the election for you. You then said you would unite us, but all you’ve done is divide the country further. The event involving the flag waving Trump supporters who marched on the capitol dome was not the worst insurrection since the Civil War. That’s divisive hyperbole! You encourage a race war. You are putting Trump supporters on no fly lists. You are trampling the Constitution. You are an imposter who is scrambling to aggrandize power for your Marxist Democrats as quickly as you can. You are corrupt to the marrow. You are a pedophile and sexual predator. You gave a speech to a half-full Congress, but that’s appropriate because you’re not dealing with a full deck.

—Ben Garrison

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