Trump Was Wright – Trump Endorsed Candidate for Texas CD-06 Wins Special Election – Seat will Stay Republican, Race Now Goes To Runoff

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 2, 2021 | Sundance | 115 Comments

Representative Ron Wright died earlier this year and his death led to a special election.  The race to replace him drew almost two dozen candidates: 11 Republicans, 10 Democrats, 1 libertarian, 1 independent. The congressional district (CD-06) runs from southeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to rural Ellis and Navarro counties.  President Trump won the district in 2020 by three points.  [NYT Election Results]

The race was close throughout the special election and included Susan Wright the widow of the former congressman.  Susan Wright serves on the Texas State Republican Executive Committee.  In the homestretch President Trump stepped into the race and endorsed Susan Wright.  Trump’s endorsement pushed her over the top and she won last night within the crowded field.

There was a republican candidate who openly rejected Trump during the campaign; Michael Wood, a Marine Corps combat veteran and Arlington businessman.  Illinois DeceptiCon Adam Kinzinger stepped into the race and endorsed Wood.   The Trump endorsement won, the Kinzinger endorsement led to a 9th place finish… [Laughing]… go figure.

Internal polling showed that Rep. Jake Ellzey (R) was holding a slim lead over Wright until the Republican kingmaker, former President Donald Trump, weighed in.  Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey now go into a run-off.   Both are republicans which means the CD-06 seat will stay republican.

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