Newt Gingrich is Exactly Right, Liz Cheney is Positioning to Support the Deep State With an Independent Run for Office…

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 9, 2021 | Sundance | 242 Comments

The former Speaker is exactly correct.  Cheney is pre-positioning herself to run against the potential for a 2024 Trump re-election bid.  The objective here is transparently obvious.  Liz Cheney is the 2024 version of former 2016 candidate Evan McMullin.   Both Cheney and McMullin come from the same origin within the intelligence apparatus.  Let me be very clear about something…. The Intelligence Community are the deep state operatives who control government.

At the 30,000 foot level, the U.S. Intelligence Community, known as the “IC” are the people and institutions behind the entire operation of the United States government.  There are no longer three branches of government.  All branches (executive, legislative and judicial) now defer to the IC.  {Go Deep Here}

The IC network, including their ability to reach into all systems, networks, institutions and agencies for surveillance, contains all of the elements of control over all other institutions.  Former CIA operative Evan McMullin, running for president in 2016, was part of this system effort.  It is now crystal clear that Liz Cheney, daughter to former Def Sec. Dick Cheney, is operating on behalf of this same system effort. THAT is the connective tissue.


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The way we defeat all of the issues which we face on a daily basis is to first understand who the enemy is, what the allies can/cannot do to assist us, and what functional issues exist in the battle.

When you realize the Intelligence Community is now in total control over government; when you realize there are no checks and balances within this system; when you realize the three branches of U.S. government have been deconstructed; only then can you honestly start to formulate solutions.

One of the IC biggest weapons is also their weakness.  They operate in the shadows…. their systems rely on leverage, blackmail, and fear… they count on people not knowing how the levers are pulled.  Expose the problem to the larger American electorate and the IC is weakened.

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