Ballot Problems Persist in Atlanta, Georgia – Missing Ballots, Missing Logs, Duplicated Ballot Scans and Worse

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 17, 2021 | Sundance | 280 Comments

To say there are sketchy issues in Fulton County, Georgia, elections would be the understatement of the year.  So many issues have been raised with the Atlanta area 2020 election processes it would be impossible to encapsulate them in one article.  However, one consistent pattern continues…. It appears specific lots of ballots -all favoring Joe Biden- were counted multiple times.

The multiple counting issue is just one aspect, one point of data, that current lawsuits within the region are attempting to resolve.  The scanning of the same batches of ballots multiple times would explain the “missing batches” issue.  The batches are “missing” because they were simply not batches at all, they were duplicate scans of ballots that had already been counted.

Additionally, fraudulent ballots created on non secure paper, which appear to have been made on copy machines, is another issue (some of that touched here).   That issue has been directly confirmed to CTH by an election worker who was part of the original count and who noted there were ballots on paper that was not authorized as print stock for the original ballots.

The audit of 147,000 sketchy absentee ballots might start to unravel these and may other issues that have become problematic for the Atlanta area election officials to hide.  Fulton County officials have already admitted to violations in state election law surrounding chain-of-custody documents; and into this mix of information comes a report from John Solomon and Daniel Payne about internal election communication and notes that seem to confirm the Fulton County officials were attempting to deal with election manipulation. {SEE HERE}

(Just the News) – […] scores of batches of absentee ballots that appeared missing from the documents and more than two dozen batches of absentee ballots that appear to have been double or triple-counted in Fulton County. (read more)

There are seven targeted voter regions where similar ballot issues and statistical impossibilities have been identified nationwide: Fulton County, Georgia; Wayne County, Michigan; Maricopa County, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Clark County, Nevada; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Madison, Wisconsin.

In these key areas, and a few others, massive data has been purchased by election integrity groups {Go Deep} and the results of their projects to assemble that data is soon to be made public.

CTH anticipates a massive amount of push-back from the U.S. Department of Justice based solely on the findings of cell phone data that has tracked “vote mules” via geolocation and mapping.  These are ground-level activists that appear to have been part of a coordinated effort to collect ballots, walk them through a process where they were filled out in a single location, and then drop them off at collection and tabulation sites.

Keep in mind many of ballot collection sites have CCTV systems; some CCTV operations were actually mandated by legislation that authorized the collection drop-off locations. It is not coincidental that public records requests for those CCTV recordings are being met with hostile denials and efforts to stall production.

The bottom line is this…. AG Merrick Garland knows a powder keg is very likely to explode as soon as the majority of American people discover just how manipulated the election of 2020 was. His announcement to double the staff of the DOJ Civil Rights Division voter unit is not to protect election integrity, but rather to position his resources for a war against a looming storm of election review outcomes…. (more)

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