Wolverines on Patrol – John Spiropoulos Reports on the Continued Poison in Our Schools, and Parents Fighting Back

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 17, 2021 | Sundance | 77 Comments

Friend of the Treehouse John Spiropoulos continues to document parents and educators across the nation who are fighting back against the Marxist indoctrination happening around Critical Race Theory.  Essentially the U.S. public education system attempting to duplicate the an American version of China’s cultural revolution.

One smart mom in California, Syndie Ly, did not believe the obfuscation and denial she received from the school; so she did her own investigation.  Mrs. Ly filed FOIA requests for internal school emails and documents.  What she found was the school was lying to her, so she went to the School Board with the evidence in hand and confronted them.

As noted by John “parents across the country are fighting the implementation of Critical Race Theory-inspired studies in the classroom. This report features a California mother who discovered her son was given a “White Savior Complex” assignment in English class.” WATCH:

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